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Influencer Marketing

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Enhanced communication, analytics, measurement and functionality added to influencer marketing platform, AnyTag

Additions for flagship influencer marketing platform include enhanced communication tools, YouTube analytics, enhanced metrics.

At AnyMind Group, we’re always innovating to help our customers and the wider community tap on various solutions to drive greater growth.

In recent months, we’ve added some powerful features for our flagship platform for influencer marketing, AnyTag (previously known as CastingAsia), to help marketers maximize opportunities around influencer marketing.

More dynamic communication between marketers and influencers Marketers can now easily communicate with influencers through the AnyTag platform for marketers and AnyCreator mobile app for influencers. Communication is facilitated through push notifications from AnyTag directly to an influencer’s AnyCreator mobile app account, and influencers can respond through the AnyCreator mobile app.

Additionally, marketers can provide real-time feedback on submitted content by influencers for a campaign, and easily add comments to specific influencer-generated content.

Deeper insights into brand-owned YouTube accounts In addition to Instagram analytics, marketers can also now access YouTube analytics through AnyTag to gain insights including subscriber growth on owned channels, video performance, YouTube subscriber demographics, subscriber sentiment, posting habits and performance, and video tag performance.

This enables marketers to easily understand the impact of influencer marketing activities against owned social media accounts’ follower growth.

Enhanced metrics for deeper insight into influencer marketing campaign performance Apart from existing campaign metrics for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, like reach, engagement, clicks and conversions, AnyTag now offers marketers with even deeper campaign insights, including:

• Impressions from users who have discovered influencer-generated posts and hashtags for a campaign,
• The influencer-generated content reach of non-followers,
• Sticker taps on Instagram Stories,
• Total video play time,
• Average video play rate, and more

If you’re keen on finding out more about our offerings for influencer marketing, or get a demo of the AnyTag platform, click here.

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