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Competitor and hashtag analysis features added to CastingAsia’s social media analytics suite

New features for social media analytics provides marketers with a more well-rounded view on the impact of influencer marketing

AnyMind Group has launched new social media analytics features on CastingAsia, the leading influencer marketing platform for Asia, including competitor and hashtag analysis functionality for Instagram on CastingAsia’s social media analytics suite.

The new features provide marketers with more well-rounded insight into their own social media performance and competitors’ performance, and are available together with CastingAsia’s self-serve influencer marketing functions to discover, analyze, activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing activities.

CastingAsia competitor analytics feature

Through the new competitor analysis feature, users can track follower changes based on posts by competitors, understand differences in engagement and comments, follower demographics of competitors, competitor sentiment, posting habits and hashtags, and analyze and compare posts of competitors.

CastingAsia hashtag analytics feature

The hashtag analysis feature provides users with insights into trends around a particular hashtag, the engagement gained by that hashtag (including competitor hashtags), analyse posts with a certain hashtag, understand user sentiment around a hashtag, and understand correlations between the number of hashtagged posts and follower increases (including before and after campaigns).

This is in addition to an analytics dashboard of a brand’s own account, including follower demographics, engagement, sentiment and the impact of posting habits – on an account or post-level.

If you’d like to try out a demo of CastingAsia, or speak to a local representative, please click here.

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