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Creator Growth

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Leveraging on international creators to build domestic and international buzz around the new film: “Baian the assassin”

Overseas creator reaction videos to a new film: Baian the assassin, distributed in 40 markets outside of Japan

Key points

1. Casting of five creators through AnyMind Group’s creator network
Casting of popular creators from Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia, including Indonesia’s top creator, Kelab Andri (5.2 million channel subscribers)

2. Once the reaction videos are produced, each creator leveraged their social media presence to spread the word
Creators shared with their social media followers about the videos, which also contributed to an increase in the number of views on the Samurai Versus Ninja YouTube channel

3. Internationalization of content
International audiences were also able to get in on the action through an English language version of the video, and English subtitles for videos created in other Asian languages

Background of Samurai Versus Ninja

Samurai Versus Ninja is a paid subscription service that provides the world with Japanese classic period dramas such as “Zatoichi,” and on April 1, 2023 began distribution in 40 markets outside of Japan. The content will subsequently be distributed into more markets.

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