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Newly launched electrical appliance brand meets influencer marketing - How Hizero launched in the Hong Kong market

Hizero“started its trial launch in the USA in 2017 and entered the European market and Southeast Asia market in 2018. After successfully launching in these markets, Hizero decided to start their business in Hong Kong for more exposure internationally.

To drive awareness and interaction in Hong Kong, Hizero turned to AnyMind Group and influencer marketing platform, AnyTag. By leveraging on a combination of live streaming, giveaways, and a selection of micro-influencers, Hizero was able to drive strong awareness with its target consumers in Hong Kong.

There were several strategies that were driven to raise awareness in Hong Kong:

1) Online streaming – Live streaming & YouTube videos
Hizero collaborated with 2 different KOLs – Snowy Choi (Hong Kong celebrity) and Hiddie (mum-to-be influencer/YouTuber) to spread awareness online. Snowy Choiheld a live stream to demonstrate the usage of the product and show viewers how the product is used; Hiddie shared her own opinion towards the product and gave an unbarred and objective analysis of the product to audiences. They both had a unique discount code that they shared with their viewers and followers to entice them further.

2) Online sites & giveaways
Hizero had collaborated with two online sites in Hong Kong – Mami Daily and Cat City – to make sure the brand is widely spread throughout target audience communities. There were also giveaways that raised brand interaction with audiences on the two sites.

3) Micro-influencers collaboration
In order to maximize awareness, Hizero not only collaborated with KOLs and online sites but also collaborated with micro-influencers with audiences in the Hong Kong region. Micro-influencers created their own short videos to demonstrate how to use the product and also engaged with their followers.

Through a series of online promotions with influencers and online sites, Hizero successfully took a content-driven approach to increase sales of their products, especially from Snowy Choi and Hiddie’s efforts. Moreover, readers of the two online sites actively participated in these giveaways. Last but not least, there were also strong results from micro-influencers’ content: their content had a reach of 135,000+ unique audiences, effectively taking a hero, hub, hygiene approach to influencer marketing.

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