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Mager Game Achieves 50% Revenue Increase with AnyManager SDK


Mager Game Penghasil Uang is an app for users to earn money and withdraw funds simply by playing available games within the app.

Problem Statement

For Mager Game, the main challenge before working with AnyMind Group was the lack of dedicated consultants available for direct discussions regarding application development, both technically and theoretically. There was also a need to increase its revenue, as it was only monetized using AdMob.


As a GCPP company, AnyMind Group was able to provide support, including account managers and dedicated consultants, who were able to support Mage Game for revenue optimization and application management. Secondly, the app came under direct management of AnyMind Group, where we helped increase revenue by adding demand through Open Bidding and utilizing the AnyManager SDK.

AnyManager SDK, developed by AnyMind Group, streamlines all the highly sought-after demand channels in the Indonesian market. Serving as a bidder container, AnyManager SDK is connected to 12 demand partners. This simplifies the application developer’s operations, as they no longer need to connect with each demand individually, as we provide a single SDK for all demand needs.


Positive trends are evident as a result of implementing AnyManager SDK, with a notable 50% increase in revenue compared between 2021 versus 2022. Additionally, the average CPM for various ad formats, including banners, interstitials, and rewarded ads, stands at $2. Moreover, there has been a significant 420% increase in match requests. In addition to maintaining consistent communication and support, Mage Game was able to receive up-to-date information on the AnyManager dashboard regarding industry developments. This ongoing collaboration has proven to be successful thus far.

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