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Unlocking Revenue Potential with Offerwall: The Indaytrending Case Study is a popular Filipino online platform known for its engaging short stories that span various genres, including family dramas, inspirational tales, love stories, and karmic narratives. The site captivates readers with relatable and heartfelt content that reflects the everyday experiences and struggles of Filipinos.

The Challenge: Navigating Revenue Optimization

Despite its success, IndayTrending faced a common challenge among web publishers: the need to explore new ad formats without compromising user experience. As the digital landscape evolved, publishers sought ways to maximize ad revenue while maintaining a seamless browsing experience for their audience. It was during this time that Google introduced a new ad format known as the offerwall ad, presenting an opportunity for publishers to enhance their monetization strategies.

IndayTrending offerwall example

The approach: Embracing Offerwall Innovation

Recognizing the need for a fresh approach to ad monetization, AnyMind introduced IndayTrending to offerwall ad units. This new ad format, recently rolled out by Google, offers users a seamless and rewarding experience by providing choices like rewarded ads in exchange for access to premium content. With AnyMind’s setup, IndayTrending embraced offerwall ads as a promising solution to its revenue optimization challenges.

Following the implementation of the offerwall ad unit, IndayTrending witnessed a significant uptick in its average CPM, soaring to $2 – a remarkable threefold increase compared to the average banner CPM of $0.33, total pageRPM increased from $0.89 to $2.6. Notably, this surge in revenue was achieved without any adverse impact on IndayTrending’s GA4 metrics, underscoring the effectiveness of the offerwall ad format in driving revenue growth while maintaining user engagement.

IndayTrending banner vs offerwall

The Results: Maximizing Revenue Potential with Offerwall

According to our data, it’s clear that the offerwall ad format was the format that have the highest performance. In addition, this format doesn’t affect user engagement and experience. As a GCPP, one of AnyMind’s technical capabilities is to adopt Google’s new formats and save publishers time, in addtion to our proprietary technology to help publishers grow! Increase your ad revenue with AnyMind

IndayTrending PageRPM

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