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How this news app publisher increased eCPM by 85% without increasing inventory or SDKs


When app publishers look to monetize users, apart from having foundational knowledge about user monetization, the most common problems that they encounter are having limited engineering resources, the inability to process or maintain advertising demand in real-time, and keeping up with the latest advertising technology. AnyMind Group’s offerings for publishers look to solve just that, and more – providing publishers with in-market expertise and resources for user monetization and app growth strategies. In addition, publishers also leverage on AnyManager – AnyMind Group’s proprietary publisher growth platform, to optimize and analyze their various opportunities.

A news application in Taiwan had challenges around limited scale and resources of the engineering department, and was facing a bottleneck of breaking through the advertising revenue ceiling without adding new advertising spaces and SDKs.


Without adding new advertising spaces and new SDKs, AnyMind Group’s PublIsher Growth team provided the app publisher with a price optimization strategy, which includes leveraging on AnyManager to track and analyze users and revenue, adjust bidding methods, and added multiple open bidding advertising demand that does not require additional SDKs – ultimately maximizing the effectiveness of advertising spaces.


After a month of implementing the optimization, the overall revenue of the app has risen by 20% and eCPM increased by 85%, successfully increasing monetization efficiency even through limited internal engineering resources. For the next stage of growth, the news app publisher will leverage on AnyManager SDK to funnel demand from major mobile advertising demand sources through a single SDK which automatically maximizes ad revenue without the need for additional resources to deploy, update individual SDKs, and troubleshoot and fix bugs.

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