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How BaoDongNai's revenue grew 2X with AnyMind's ad technology

BaoDongNai is a prominent news and media platform that delivers timely and reliable news coverage across a variety of topics. With a dedicated team of journalists and content creators, BaoDongNai has established itself as a trusted source for local and national news. Their commitment to quality journalism and user engagement has helped them build a loyal readership and a strong online presence.

The challenge: Navigating the Digital Shift

The newspaper faced the challenge of adapting to the digital landscape, with a staff strength of 65 people and limited technical expertise. The hurdles included developing an effective audience engagement strategy and personalizing content for their audiences, transitioning to programmatic advertising to diversify their revenue streams beyond sponsored articles, and leveraging data analytics to better understand and engage their audience.

The solution: Working with AnyMind for strategic intervention

AnyMind provided a multi-faceted approach to address BaoDongNai’s challenges.

1. Build content strategy & Improve site performance
The first step was to analyze BaoDongNai’s Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data, offering deeper insights into reader trends and preferences. This analysis helped BaoDongNai tailor their content strategy more effectively. To enhance page speed, AnyMind recommended several means of optimization, including adopting Progressive Web Apps (PWA) infrastructure and streamlining the website layout. They also identified that the website used outdated image formats and uncompressed files, which slowed down page loading times. By converting images to the WebP format and compressing files, BaoDongNai was able to significantly improve the site’s loading speed.

2. A/B test house ads to boost traffic
To further boost engagement, AnyMind suggested setting up house ads and conducting A/B testing on various layouts with suggested articles. This approach helped BaoDongNai identify the most effective layout and content placement strategies, driving higher page views and longer session durations.

3. Optimize Ad monetization
For ad monetization, AnyMind implemented a combination of Header Bidding and Open Bidding to maximize ad revenue, which was delivered through AnyManager Tag Service and AnyManagerSDK. This meant that BaoDongNai was also able to introduce new ad formats, including instream, anchor, and interstitial ads, providing more opportunities for ad placements without compromising the user experience.

The result: Two-fold increase in ad revenue & 32% increase in page speed

The comprehensive approach implemented by BaoDongNai yielded impressive results. The implementation of PWA and optimization of website elements resulted in a 32% increase in page speed, significantly enhancing the user experience. Additionally, the adoption of innovative ad formats and optimized bidding strategies led to a 2X uplift in ad revenue. By integrating new ad formats and leveraging data analytics, AnyMind’s ad technology enabled BaoDongNai to offer users a seamless content access experience without disrupting the user experience. This innovative approach was a key factor in the significant revenue increase.


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