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Our Vietnam team volunteered at Phúc Lâm Shelter

At the end of September, our Vietnam team organized a charity event at the Phúc Lâm shelter in Dong Nai province. This community activity aimed to spread love to orphaned children in Vietnam facing difficult circumstances. Before this day, we held a fundraising fair in our office, and all the funds collected from the fair, along with the company’s donation, would be utilized to contribute and purchase essential supplies for the children at Phúc Lâm Shelter.

Currently, Phúc Lâm Shelter is caring for 126 orphaned children and adolescents aged from 0 to 16 years old. Thanks to the shelter, these children receive dedicated care and are able to attend school. Phúc Lâm not only provides basic necessities like food and shelter but also helps them build a future and instills discipline in their lives.

Providing Essential Supplies


Several weeks before the trip, AnyMind team members diligently prepared necessary supplies for the children, including milk, snacks, diapers, rice, spices, and toys. The team enjoyed this immensely as it allowed them to make tangible contributions to the little ones at Phúc Lâm.

Caring for Children Aged 0 to 3

children 0-3

Upon arriving at Phúc Lâm, AnyMind team members split into small groups to care for the children. The first group took responsibility for nurturing newborns to 3-year-olds. Despite limited experience, team members demonstrated care and dedication to each baby.

Organizing Fun Activities for Older Children


For the older children, our team organized various exciting games such as sculpture painting, sand art, interacting with clowns, and riddles. Through these games, team members had the opportunity to interact with and understand the children better. We were also impressed by the artwork the children created with their own hands.


The trip to Phúc Lâm Shelter was not just a charitable activity; it was also an opportunity for our team members to bond and understand each other better. We were overjoyed to see the smiles on the faces of the little ones.

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