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Our Vietnam team relived their childhood!

Childhood memories are always a special and memorable part of our lives. At AnyMind, we value not only personal development and work performance but also the happiness and connection with employees. On International Children’s Day in Vietnam, our teams in Vietnam came together to “return to childhood” with a lively dress-up event featuring artistic activities.

From the morning, members in both the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices transformed themselves into students and beloved childhood characters such as the Little Mermaid, Elsa, Mario, and Little Swallow. The dress-up activity provided a wonderful opportunity for all members to participate and share their cherished childhood memories.


Despite having limited time to prepare, the team was still impressed with their unique costumes, truly capturing the spirit of the dress-up competition. It was also a chance for everyone to better understand each other’s interests and personalities.


In the afternoon, the three groups with the most impressive costumes showcased their exceptional talents. The performances went beyond extraordinary displays and filled the air with laughter. Together, the team immersed themselves in music and enjoyed a well-prepared feast.


After dedicated work hours, this was also an opportunity for all members to gather, connect, and enjoy moments of happiness together.


International Children’s Day is not just for kids! We hope that all members of the Vietnam team had a memorable and enjoyable experience on this day. In the future, we will continue to bring special activities to enhance unity and inspire all members.

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