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AnyMind Group

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From Asia to the world

I am writing this with immense pride for what we have achieved so far as a company.

Today is the first day we operate as a public company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

This is definitely a significant milestone in our journey: one which started over six years ago in Singapore.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff, past and present, who have contributed to our growth over the years. Thank you to our partners and customers – enterprises, publishers, and creators – who have shown faith in us as a startup. Thank you to our investors, who have become mentors and important contributors to our growth as well.

Our journey so far has seen us do business across Southeast Asia, East Asia, India, and the Middle East, and we now have over 1,300 staff across our 19 offices who are helping our customers maximize the value of our proprietary technology.

What we are today is the contribution of all stakeholders to our growth, and we have continued to create new value to contribute back to our stakeholders.

Strengthening key ecosystems for our customers

When we founded the company back in 2016, we had a modest ambition – to create an impact on Asia and the world.

With the domain knowledge gained from our backgrounds, we started our business in the marketing technology industry. This has expanded and is now a key pillar of the company, enabling our customers to tap into web and in-app advertising along with influencer marketing using our technology.

However, we knew that we could do more as a company. We wanted to do more to create a significant impact on the world and the industries we operate in. That is why we expanded the business to become AnyMind Group.

Our next step was to create value for publishers and creators, which meant that we could help the supply side of our marketing business to grow too. Our technology and offerings for publishers and creators now sit in our Partner Growth business line.

However, we also wanted to change the way business is done, to one which is more efficient, effective, and exciting. We wanted to advance the next generation of commerce. We wanted to make it exciting for everyone to do business.

This is why in recent years, we have developed new platforms for e-commerce, manufacturing, and logistics. Together with our marketing platforms, this array forms our Brand Commerce business line, which is used to great effect by enterprises, publishers, and creators.

Having such a dynamic suite of offerings, moving fast, and being bold to innovate means that we have been able to create incremental value for our customers over the years. We have been able to create a more significant impact on Asia and the world.

An eye to the future

What we have achieved so far is considerable, but we are not yet satisfied.

As a company, I know that there is still more potential that we have not tapped, and I know that there are still so many ways we can create value for our customers.

We want to create value for even more customers. We want to make it exciting for everyone to do business.

Moving forward, we will continue to enhance our platforms even more so that our customers can continue to benefit from greater efficiencies and effectiveness across their business supply chain.

To date, we have developed platforms for e-commerce management (AnyX), logistics management (AnyLogi), conversational commerce (AnyChat), manufacturing (AnyFactory), e-commerce enablement (AnyShop), influencer marketing (AnyTag), digital marketing (AnyDigital), and platforms used by publishers (AnyManager) and creators (AnyCreator).

We’re also looking to build greater synergy across our platforms to create the next-generation business infrastructure, which will form the backbone of businesses in the future. If there’s an area that we can create even more value to our customers through our technology, we will look into producing this value for them.

We will continue to make it exciting for everyone to do business, just like how it was and still is exciting for us to do business. I believe that together, we can create more value for Asia and the world.

Today, we can be proud of what we have done so far as a company.

We know that what we have achieved so far as a company in our 6+ years of operations puts us in a good position to create more value for the world in the future.

We’re just getting started.

– Kosuke Sogo

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