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Here’s what went down on the day of our IPO

On March 29, 2023, AnyMind Group completed its IPO on the Growth Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the listing ceremony and other events on the day of the listing!

First up, here is a video that summarizes the day.

9:00 Announcement
12:50 Gathering at Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
13:00 Listing Ceremony
13:30 Outdoor photo shooting
14:30 Stock Voice Appearance
15:30 Press Conference at Kabuto Club
18:00 Go to our internal event

9:00 Announcement

Nobody knows what will happen until the moment the listing is actually announced.
We waited eagerly in front of our computers until the release of information on TDnet and EDINET (disclosure services in Japan). After confirming that the listing was successful, we jumped with joy!

During this time, the IPO preparation team and AnyMind’s board of directors visited the lead managing underwriter’s office. We confirmed that the initial price had been successfully received and had an orientation and lunch with them.

12:50 Gather at Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

Country managers and business managers from various countries gathered at the office, and were led to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) for the listing ceremony.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Japan, only 10 people were allowed to participate in the ceremony.
In addition, up to 20 people were allowed to observe from the side of the venue, so a total of 30 people were able to make it to the venue on the day of the event.

Since we were all punctual and half of the participants were from abroad, even the slightest mistake could be crucial in getting to the destination. Thankfully, everyone arrived at the TSE with plenty of time to spare.

13:00 Listing Ceremony

The photographer team was allowed to enter slightly earlier to scout the venue, take up the best position, and wait for the moment to arrive.

At exactly 1:00 p.m., the words “Congratulations AnyMind Group Inc.” appeared on the electronic bulletin board, and the 10 ceremony participants entered the venue to a warm welcome from the TSE staff. After the presentation of the listing notice, the bell was finally rung to signify the listing.

CEO Sogo, COO Rohit, CCO Oto, CFO Keizo, and External Director Ikeuchi rang the bell in turn. The beautiful sound of the bell echoed through the hall, and it was impressive to see the happy faces of all the members present.

Afterwards, we were given free time to take pictures as we wished.
The event was a great success, led by the country managers, and a TSE staff member later commented that the event was the most exciting among the companies listed this year, and that he felt a great deal of passion from the team!

13:30 Outdoor phototaking

After the ceremony, all the participants headed outside for a commemorative photo. Fortunately, we were blessed with clear skies!

14:30 Stock Voice

After the ceremony, we waited for a while in the TSE lobby, and then Sogo made his appearance on StockVoice, a show owned by the TSE. He explained the company’s business and future growth strategy.
This is already available on YouTube (in Japanese), so please check it out as well.

15:30 Press Conference at Kabuto Club

A press conference was then held at Kabuto Club in the basement of TSE with Sogo, Rohit, Oto, Keizo.

They explained about our business, growth strategy, and future outlook, and we were grateful for the many questions we received from the participating journalists. We had, in fact, exceeded our originally scheduled time because there were so many questions! Thank you once again to all the journalists who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the meeting.

17:00 Preparation for the internal celebration

Around 4:30 p.m., the external proceedings were finally completed, and the tension became a little lessened. We then headed back to the office for our internal celebrations.

The entrance was filled with so many festive flowers (from clients and partners to congratulate us for the IPO). Thank you very much!

At this point, we’re at the start of the company’s internal celebration event for employees and some shareholders.

Celebratory balloons were ordered to create a festive atmosphere, with designs centered around the four colors of the AnyMind logo, and represented our unique style.

Replica bell (same size as TSE bell)

Catering: Kai’s kitchen
Since many overseas members attended the event, we wanted to prepare a Japanese-style, high-quality catering menu, so we prepared sushi and other dishes centering on fish.

Cake Design
After discussions with the design team, we created a special design for our celebratory cake. The large cake, measuring over 50 cm, was a spectacular addition to the group photo. After the photo shoot, all members enjoyed the cake together.

18:00 Start of Internal Party

In-house events were also held across our 19 offices and connected through an online call, and there was an online panel discussion featuring members who have been at the company since its founding. They shared about the journey over the years, motivations that helped them overcome various challenges in the early days, and more.

In addition, a bell ringing ceremony was once again held for the AnyMind team across Asia to watch.

Afterwards, Sogo led a toast! We shared a special moment together with all the members across all our offices.

Once again, we would like to express my gratitude to all the members who are working hard every day to achieve great growth.

We would also like to thank the members of the Communications and Corporate teams for their hard work on this very important listing day for AnyMind, as well as Shibata-san (GROVE, Production Department) and Umeda-san (ENGAWA) for being our exclusive photographers throughout the day.


Thanks to the many people who have supported us over the years, we have been able to reach this day. We would like to thank you once again!

We are still a growing company, and we look forward to your continued guidance and support.

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