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Notice of Board of Directors Resolution on Cancellation of Issuance of Shares for Subscription and Secondary Offering of Shares and Withdrawal of Application for Listing, and Postponement of Listing Procedures in Connection Therewith

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, which on 22 February 2022 resolved at a meeting of its Board of Directors to issue shares of common stock for subscription and secondary offering in connection with the listing of its common stock on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has announced that taking into consideration the situation in Ukraine, stock market trends, and other various circumstances, the Board of Directors of the Company resolved at a meeting held on 11 March 2022 to cancel the said issuance of shares for subscription and secondary offering of shares, and to withdraw the application for listing accordingly.

The Company plans to make a comprehensive decision on the resumption of listing procedures in the future, based on an assessment of trends in the stock market and other factors.

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