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Meet Sofian: Senior Content Producer, Malaysia

1) Please share with us your background before joining AnyMind Group
Before joining AnyMind, I worked as a videographer for ERA.JE, a Malay radio brand under Astro Radio.

2) Explain like I’m five: What do you do in your role, and how does it fit into the wider range of AnyMind Group’s business?
As a videographer, I work with creators and am responsible for ideation, shooting, and video editing. My main role is to prepare a compelling storyline for the video, which can then be adapted to incorporate the client’s product seamlessly.

3) How has your time been at AnyMind so far? What are the things that stand out to you about the company?
My experience at AnyMind has been fantastic so far. I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the team and immersing myself in the company’s culture and values. In particular, I have gained valuable experience in managing brand deals, which has allowed me to offer more options to clients when creating promotional videos. Overall, I feel that my time at AnyMind has been incredibly positive, and I am eager to continue learning and growing with the company.

4) How is it like working as part of your local team and also as part of the wider regional unit? What are the unique quirks or habits of the team?
Working as part of my local team has been a great experience for me. The team has provided me with a supportive and positive environment, and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. One of the unique quirks or habits of the team is their strong sense of collaboration and teamwork. They work together seamlessly and share knowledge and ideas openly, which has been a real asset to me as a new member of the team.

In addition to working with my local team, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the wider regional unit. This has been a valuable experience as it has allowed me to learn from a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives. Overall, I feel grateful to work with such a talented and supportive team.

5) What are some key traits that you feel people in your role should have, and why?
As a videographer and video editor, it’s important to possess creativity to come up with new ideas and approaches to tell a story or convey a message through video. In addition, other useful traits include communication skills to work effectively with team members and clients, and time management skills to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines.

6) What is an often misunderstood aspect of your role?
An often misunderstood aspect of my role as a videographer and video editor is that post-production tasks, such as editing, color grading, and sound design take just as much, if not more time than filming. Collaboration with clients to meet their vision and goals is also essential for creating a high-quality video. It’s important to understand that creating a video involves much more than just pressing the record button.

7) What is that one favourite local food that you would like to introduce to readers?
I would like to introduce people to the delicious Malaysian dish of nasi lemak, which has gained worldwide recognition for its unique and satisfying taste. Although it may appear simple, this dish packs a flavorful punch that is sure to surprise and delight anyone who tries it.

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