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Meet Kelly Chin: E-commerce Marketplace Manager, Malaysia

1) Please share with us your background before joining AnyMind Group
I’m a mass communication graduate with a knack for all things advertising and marketing. From advertising, PR to sales, I’ve dabbled in it all but it wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I found my passion for e-commerce in a market expansion service provider company before joining AnyMind Group in 2022.

2) Explain like I’m five: What do you do in your role, and how does it fit into the wider range of AnyMind Group’s business?
I’m an e-commerce manager in the D2C team in Malaysia. I work with clients across all aspects of an online business, from website/e-marketplace platform design and development to marketing and sales. My job is to support our clients to grow their online business with full journey guidance from giving business consultancy, marketing strategy, ensuring seamless customer experience, seeing the end result (sales), and we don’t stop here! It takes a day-by-day, month-by-month, and even year-by-year effort to review and optimize. It sounds like growing a baby into an adult.

I also work closely with different teams to create targeted marketing campaigns that drive traffic to the site and increase sales, manage inventory and fulfillment, and ensure that products are delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner.

3) How has your time been at AnyMind so far? What are the things that stand out to you about the company?
My experience at AnyMind has been fantastic! I’m having a great time working with clients and colleagues. It’s amazing to see how many brilliant ideas we can come up with to improve businesses. I love that our company values openness, and it’s something we all practice. We openly share our ideas and work together to achieve our goals.

4) How is it like working as part of your local team and also as part of the wider regional unit?
Working with both local and regional teams has been a great experience for me. Although we come from different countries and speak different languages, we all share the same goal – delivering the best outcomes for our clients. It’s amazing how we work together so seamlessly. One quirky habit that I’ve noticed about the AnyMind family is that we all work hard and play hard, which makes the work environment even more enjoyable.

5) What are some key traits that you feel people in your role should have, and why?
I think adaptability, strategic thinking, a customer-centric mindset, and a love for exploring are the basic elements of working in the e-commerce industry.

Adaptability – E-commerce is constantly evolving, so we must be able to adapt to change and be flexible in our approach

Strategic thinking – To think ahead and plan for future growth is important in e-commerce

Customer-centric mindset – We always prioritize our customers and are able to create an exceptional online shopping experience that meets their needs and expectations. Just put yourself in customers’ shoes and you will know what is the best you want when shopping online!

Love to explore – As the e-commerce field is a fast-paced industry, we have to stay alert with new trends. Someone who loves to explore new things is definitely suited for this role!

6) What is an often misunderstood aspect of your role?
Often people have a misconception about what an e-commerce job entails. The most common question I get is: “Oh, are you running your own online business?” While that is somewhat correct in the world of online business, it is just that they have a stereotypical mindset that it is an individual job without being attached to any company and in fact what we do is beyond that: we are helping enterprises expand their online business including developing and executing marketing strategies, managing customer relations, analyzing data and metrics, handling logistics and supply chain management, and constantly adapting to new technologies and market trends. It requires a deep understanding of the entire e-commerce ecosystem, from the customer journey to the backend operations and everything in between.

7) What is one AnyMind platform that you cannot do without, and why?
AnyX has been a lifesaver for me in my e-commerce role! It’s like a one-stop shop where I can easily monitor and analyze the performance of all my stores in just one glance. I no longer have to manually export and analyze multiple files in Excel, which saves me so much time. It’s amazing how this tool streamlines everything into a single platform.

8) What is that one favorite local food that you would like to introduce to readers?
That’s absolutely my hometown food – Tuaran Mee and it is only available in Sabah. It is a dish of dry noodles that comes with scrambled egg, egg roll slices (春卷 in Chinese), roasted pork slices and local green vegetables.

Photo credit: MySabah

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