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How it’s like working in AnyMind’s influencer marketing team in the Philippines - JN Llobrera

With AnyMind Group present across 13 markets around Asia Pacific and the Middle East, one is never a stranger to cross-market collaboration. Having joined AnyMind in August 2022, Jonel Llobrera (JN) admits that the first time he joined the company, it was “challenging because it’s difficult to catch up on things, especially when your coworkers are from another market.”

He then shares that after months of training and on-job experience, together with support from his colleagues, he is now able to run on pace with the company and overcome some of the challenges that he faced when he first joined.

As a senior regional influencer marketing executive, JN works with various overseas customers and internal teams to provide them with local expertise and best practices for running effective influencer marketing campaigns in the Philippines.

JN first started his career in the public relations space before moving into influencer marketing close to four years ago. He admits that “influencer marketing is one aspect of communications that I really appreciate since it allows me to be more creative and meet new people, both of which I enjoy.”

With that said, there is one aspect of his role that he is keen to clarify – that his role does not just exclusively hunt for influencers. “Our job is to ensure that the strategy and plan we have provided to our customers can lead to positive results.”

As part of his role, JN relies on AnyMind’s proprietary influencer marketing platform, AnyTag – a software that provides users with the end-to-end technological capabilities to increase efficiency and effectiveness in influencer marketing campaigns. JN said: “It’s also quite beneficial to me because I can easily understand influencer insights, and also help in the tracking of campaigns and reporting of campaign effectiveness.”

Apart from working with colleagues in other markets, JN is also based out of AnyMind’s Manila office. He candidly states that working with his colleagues in the Philippines is “a lot of fun” because they speak the same language and thus communication is simple. “While working with a team regionally may be tough, it can also be rewarding because it allows me to learn what they require and how we can progress as a team,” he adds.

For those who are looking for a role in the influencer marketing team at AnyMind, JN says that being open and dedicated are vital attributes that he believes everyone should possess. “You must be open to all of the opinions of those around you. Understand them, know what they want, and collect key insights that can help you execute your job better,” JN shared. Dedication is another factor that he feels is important, because: “this work can be difficult, but if you have the determination, you can always do incredible things you never thought possible.”

We, of course, did not let JN get away with just sharing about his work. With AnyMind being across so many markets, we wanted to find out just what we should try when we visit our Manila office in the future. JN was asked: “What is that one favorite local food that you would like to introduce to readers,” and his recommendation is Halo-Halo, a traditional Filipino dessert. “I’m sure everyone will enjoy it because it’s a unique type of dessert that’s appropriate for any occasion or season.”

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