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How it's like working in AnyMind's Data Analyst Team in Indonesia

Can you explain what the Data Analyst department is like?

Juliana: The primary responsibility of the Data Analyst department is to create comprehensive reports by leveraging our expertise in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. We play a crucial role in providing valuable insights and recommendations that enhance strategic actions within our digital marketing offering, encompassing our proprietary products such as AnyTag and POKKT.

In Indonesia, our Data Analyst Department is divided into two teams, each catering to specific client types. In terms of team management, I am responsible for leading the direct business team, while Rayhan is in charge of leading the agency business team.

Do you have any internal routine activities in the Data Analyst team?

Juliana: For the direct business team, we typically start our week with a brief internal sync every Monday morning, where we focus on setting priorities for report deliverables. Additionally, on Fridays, we make time to schedule internal sharing sessions to exchange the knowledge and insights we have acquired throughout the week. These sessions ensure that everyone stays on the same page and eliminates any knowledge gaps.

Rayhan: For the agency business team, we usually start each week with a sync meeting involving the entire team. During this meeting, we set up the reporting timeline for the following week and engage in discussions with the campaign management team. Additionally, on Thursdays, we have a regular meeting with the head of our agency business to explore potential initiatives that we can develop.

How is the division of tasks in the Data Analyst department usually done?

Juliana: We have assigned a dedicated data analyst to several major clients, but we take a flexible approach when it comes to irregular tactical campaigns. Before assigning any new tasks, we evaluate the workload of each team member.

Rayhan: The data analyst team are working closely with the campaign management team. We have designated one data analyst member to support two members of the campaign management team, and we rotate these assignments every two months.

How does the team find solutions when facing a challenge?

Juliana: The team tackles challenges by fostering a collaborative environment. We encourage open communication and active brainstorming to explore diverse perspectives and ideas. By leveraging our collective skills and experiences, we analyze challenges, propose solutions, and evaluate their feasibility.

Prior to joining AnyMind Group, our team members had diverse backgrounds. Lucia comes with a strong foundation in influencer marketing, Aji excels in paid media, and I bring expertise in social media and research. This diversity enables us to learn from one another and collaborate effectively.

Rayhan:The data analysts on the agency team faced significant challenges in terms of fast-paced work and tight deadlines. Effectively managing time and working efficiently are crucial factors in overcoming these challenges.

What experiences have you gained while working at AnyMind Group?

Juliana: Working at AnyMind Group has been an amazing experience, particularly witnessing the remarkable growth of the Data Analyst team. When I first joined two years ago, I was working alone, but I am delighted to have witnessed the significant expansion of our team. It’s not just about the team’s size, but also the transformative changes in how we work. As our department is relatively new here, I consider myself fortunate to have received opportunities and strong support from the company in shaping and expanding this division. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, and I have learned so much along the way.

Rayhan: Working at AnyMind Group has been a thrilling experience for me since it’s my first full-time job. Being the first data analyst on the agency team has had its difficulties. I’m excited about setting up the standards and creating a strong base for the team. The most thrilling part is seeing the data analyst team grow rapidly. It’s truly exciting to watch our team expand, bringing in fresh ideas and skills.

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