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Meet Cassilda Lee, Senior Account Executive, Singapore

1) Please share with us your background before joining AnyMind Group
Before joining AnyMind Group I worked at a media agency, followed by a creative agency – I did account management at both agencies. While I was there I was lucky enough to work on a range of different accounts like an airline, bank and other FMCG clients with amazing colleagues.

2) Explain like I’m five: What do you do in your role, and how does it fit into the wider range of AnyMind Group’s business?
Being part of the Account Management team at AnyMind means that we act as the bridge between the client and the internal teams. For the client, we need to be consultants advising them on our strategy and recommendations across the entire marketing journey, which includes digital marketing and influencer marketing, all the way to e-commerce solutions. And for our internal teams we need to work together to come up with the solution that will make the most sense for each client to help grow both theirs and our business.

3) How has your time been at AnyMind so far? What are the things that stand out to you about the company?
Since joining last year I can safely say it’s been quite a hectic but enjoyable time, especially with our Singapore team. When things are busy everyone works together to ensure client campaigns are successful, but when we have some free time we don’t forget to take a breather as well.

The thing that stands out to me is how open and patient everyone is, especially when it comes to learning new things or solving issues that one person might be struggling with. I really appreciate the flat structure and not being afraid to ask questions or bring up new suggestions to the team.

4) How is it like working as part of your local team and also as part of the wider regional unit? What are the unique quirks or habits of the team?
It’s been a great time working with our Singapore team as we all work together very well and support each other where needed. I also have to work quite frequently with the regional team on one of our key accounts, but despite the long distance, it has been very easy to work with them.

A funny quirk since coming back to the office is how some of us like to roll over to each other’s desks to ask questions instead of walking which is both amusing to watch, but also very helpful especially when we need urgent help.

5) What are some key traits that you feel people in your role should have, and why?
I think patience and attention to detail are very important in my role as we often have to deal with managing multiple tasks at the same time, and some briefs can tend to be more difficult than others.

Being able to take a step back and see things from the other person’s point of view is also very important especially when we might get frustrated during a project.

6) What is an often misunderstood aspect of your role?
That we are just the middleman between the client and our internal team, but there is a lot more to it. We also have to evaluate the feedback being given from either side and see if they make sense, or if we need to counter-propose a solution.

7) What is one AnyMind platform that you cannot do without, and why?
I think it would be AnyTag as it allows me to check the statistics of creators very easily when supporting clients with influencer marketing campaigns, especially when clients have certain creators they may want to work with, but the statistics do not make sense. With AnyTag we have hard data to show why we are making certain recommendations.

8) What is that one favourite local food that you would like to introduce to readers?
I love Thunder Tea Rice. It’s not really local but I just love anything that’s mixed in a bowl. Some people hate it because of the bitterness of the tea but once you mix it with the other ingredients it tastes great.

Photo credit: Miss Tam Chiak

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