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Meet Baron Tan: Sales Executive, Publisher Growth, Singapore

1) Please share with us your background before joining AnyMind Group
I just completed my national service before joining AnyMind, prior to that, I started a small business dealing in custom aquariums (

2) Explain like I’m five: What do you do in your role, and how does it fit into the wider range of AnyMind Group’s business?
Imagine the ad inventory on a website (publishers) are all empty car park lots. My job is to reach out to empty car park lot owners and provide them with solutions to increase the money that they charge to car owners by enabling more cars to park there, whether at different times of the day, different sizes of cars – you get the gist!

At AnyMind, we also help advertisers that want to engage with the car owners who are visiting the car park lots, and my team ensures that these car park lots can be found by advertisers.

3) How has your time been at AnyMind so far? What are the things that stand out to you about the company?
It has been great! I love the culture and how everyone is willing to share, work together and achieve the same goals.

4) How is it like working as part of your local team and also as part of the wider regional unit? What are the unique quirks or habits of the team?
I get to cross-share and cross-learn from the different markets and constantly improve our approach when reaching out to new publishers as well as to improve the performance of existing ones. This ensures that our publishers don’t just get the best technology and expertise for their market, but we can bring in an offering that works Asia-wide and in their market.

5) What are some key traits that you feel people in your role should have, and why?
Determination and being open-minded, as the advertising field is constantly evolving and we need to constantly keep ourselves abreast with the latest information.

6) What is an often misunderstood aspect of your role?
I think most publishers will mistake AnyMind as an ad network. However, what we provide is much more than that. AnyMind’s ability to tap on the APAC markets to enable multiple layers of demand is something an ad network is not capable of.

7) What is one AnyMind platform that you cannot do without, and why?
For me it’ll have to be AnyManager, as it provides the relevant metrics and data on our performance. Web (and app) publishers can also use AnyManager to improve their UI and UX, track their social media performance, implement new types of content for further monetization opportunities such as Instagram-like Stories and HTML5 games, and many more features including advertising demand from over 100+ demand platforms.

8) What is that one favourite local food that you would like to introduce to readers?
It’ll have to be curry rice! You get to choose an array of dishes to accompany your rice, all being brought together with a delectable curry/gravy sauce combo. My recommendation: Beo Crescent Curry Rice

Image credit: Eatbook

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