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AnyMind Group Careers: Publisher Growth in Indonesia

We speak with Ericatania Lase, Business Development Manager of Publisher Growth department for AnyMind Group Indonesia. She shares with us what it is like working in the Publisher Growth team in Indonesia, the best thing about working in AnyMind Group, as well as the knowledge and skills that a Publisher Growth professional needs to have.

Can you share with us an introduction about yourself when you first joined AnyMind Group?

My name is Ericatania Lase, I am the Business Development Manager of Publisher Growth department for AnyMind Group Indonesia. I joined the company in 2019.

What are the main tasks that you are responsible for?

I usually start my day by checking my email, work list, and schedule for the day. Through AnyManager, we can also keep track of our publishers’ performance through a consolidated lens, and quickly understand if any fixes need to be made or if there is any publishers we need to contact as soon as possible. After that, I will attend offline meetings at the publisher’s office, to discuss ad monetization plans and how to make faster progress. Offline or in-person meetings are still very necessary for overall productivity.

After that, I make phone calls to contact new publishers, check on the publisher’s performance and discuss with my team any issues that occur, make some suggestions to improve and organize a meeting for the next day.

Could you share with us your career path since joining AnyMind Group?

At the beginning of my career at AnyMind Group, I joined the recruitment division, where I looked for prospective employees. Then after 1 year, I was given the opportunity to enhance my skills in the Publisher Growth division to help them adopt the latest technology, and increase their programmatic ad revenue. I accepted the offer because I strongly believe in two of our company’s values: ‘Be Adaptable’ and ‘Move Faster’, meaning that I am ready to accept change and adapt quickly for the growth of the company.

This year, I was given the trust to occupy the position of Business Development Manager, where as a leader I have to lead and help my team to achieve company goals and achievements, and handle internal and external projects such as the Google News Initiative. Providing technical consultation to publishers for AnyManager, internal & external meetings, and facilitating training to newly joined teams.

Can you share more about the Publisher Growth team and the routines?

The Publisher Growth department itself is a fun division, we not only help publishers to adopt new technologies through our AnyManager platform, but also from our team members continue to learn about industry updates, especially on sites and apps.

We are also a GCPP company, which means that we are proven experts in the use of Google products, which are integrated onto our AnyManager platform, and are also constantly providing innovative solutions and services to our publishers such as AnyManager GAMES or our integrations for ID solutions.

The Publisher Growth team acts as account management, providing consultation and monetization of publisher websites through AnyManager. The routine activities that we do every day are definitely checking the publisher’s website in terms of performance, then we also provide technical training, performance reports, or monthly income that publishers have earned, then evaluate strategies that need to be improved in the following month resulting to publisher’s income increases over time.

Hear more about her story through the video below!

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