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AnyMind Careers: Publisher Growth in Vietnam

We speak with Ms. Do Duong Bao Ngoc, Regional Head of Publisher Engagement in the Publisher Growth Team in AnyMind Group, Vietnam. She shares with us what it is like working in the Publisher Growth team, the best thing about working in AnyMind Group, as well as the knowledge and skills that a Publisher Growth professional needs to have.

How long have you been working in AnyMind Group? What is the reason that you chose to join the company?

I started working at AnyMind Group in 2018. AnyMind Group is the first company I worked in for Programmatic Advertising and the time I started working at AnyMind was also the time I started getting acquainted with this field.

One thing I really like is that AnyMind has many opportunities to grow and learn. It is the most ideal environment for those who want to grow in this industry. At AnyMind there are many examples of members who started as an intern and became the manager of the team, or even the head of the department. Regardless of age, experience or education, as long as you try your best and focus on developing yourself, achieving personal and team goals, you will always have many opportunities to grow and excel at AnyMind.

How is your typical workday?

A day working at AnyMind Group’s Publisher Growth team is quite interesting with many different tasks and challenges. The team starts the day by checking the daily revenue optimization performance of publishers that AnyMind works with. “Publisher” might be a new and unique term, but it refers to customers that own and develop digital content on their own platforms for readers and users, such as websites, media, mobile applications or mobile games.

The Publisher Growth team at AnyMind Group provides various optimization solutions for publishers, aiming to maximize revenue from advertising with the AnyManager platform and products from strategic partners in the advertising industry like Google.

Our team starts the day by examining the growth of clients’ ad revenue and resolving issues that have affected the ad revenue. Our approach and mindset is that AnyMind only grows when we help publishers have effective and long-term revenue. It is not about growing faster but also growing sustainably and keeping pace with the industry.

After that, the team consults clients about how to improve and grow revenue faster and stronger, whether by opening up new advertising inventory, the best advertising sources for their inventory, and how they can maximize the use of AnyManager.

And finally, the team will find potential publishers and advise them about solutions and value ​​that AnyMind can bring to customers to enable better advertising performance. This is one of the most interesting tasks in a day since I can meet and listen to the difficulties and needs of publishers and propose the best solutions for them. In order to advise and propose effective revenue optimization solutions, we need to understand the current needs, difficulties and goals that the publisher wishes to develop in the future to help them meet their own needs more quickly and efficiently.

What are the difficulties that you are facing?

One of the difficulties is that the job requires technical skills such as reading and understanding code, or specific knowledge about the technology publishers use, which is not easy. I need to self-study and cultivate quite a lot of knowledge related to the business model of the publishers and understand the products that customers build. Besides, I also need to understand and update myself with AnyMind’s products as well as industry information to support and update customers.

Another difficulty is balancing emotions and prioritizing work. Every day, we have many urgent situations to solve, and support publishers when there are technical problems affecting their revenue. I will always need to balance my emotions to handle high-pressure situations, as well as meeting high demands with both speed and accuracy. In addition, when many situations occur at the same time, determining your priorities and optimizing your focus can also be a big challenge.

Finally, one of our tasks is to invite potential customers to use AnyMind’s solutions. This task requires me to give presentations, set up introductory meetings and negotiate with new customers. Therefore, we have to overcome the challenge of finding and prioritizing publishers that match the needs as well as persuasion and negotiation.

How can you overcome these difficulties?

Understanding difficulties when learning about technology and engineering, as well as industry knowledge, the Publisher Growth Team at AnyMind has prepared training kits that are easy to understand and practical. By joining the training, newcomers can catch up faster. In addition, the operation team and experts at AnyMind also provide a lot of support to help team members better understand technical knowledge.

In addition, the team also organizes annual training programs to improve problem solving and account management skills, so that not only me but also other members of the team can grow further.

What is the best thing when working at AnyMind group?

I like AnyMind’s international and dynamic environment in response to market and products’ changes. At AnyMind, everyone is equal and willing to develop, change themselves and receive suggestions, as well as prioritize the team and the company development goals.

A value that AnyMind is always proud to introduce to publishers or employees is “Achieve together.” At AnyMind, everyone is always aiming to achieve goals together because AnyMind grows when customers grow, the whole team grows when each member grows.

What are the knowledge/ skills that a Publisher Growth Executive needs to have?

To be successful in the position of Publisher Growth Executive, you need to develop both business development, digital advertising and technical skills and knowledge.

At AnyMind, you can easily acquire these skills when working in the Publisher Growth team. Therefore, I believe that the most important skill is the ability to self-study, research new knowledge and English proficiency to read and understand professional documents.

TFrom my point of view, Publisher Growth is an interesting position where you can gain important skills such as data analysis, reading technical documents, data analysis and negotiation with customers, and consulting technology products. So you can challenge yourself with a lot of new knowledge and skills in this position.

What message do you want to send to your future teammates?

In my opinion, the job of business development in the publisher industry is suitable for young people who want to challenge themselves not only in Vietnam but also around the world. I believe Publisher Engagement is one of the most unique jobs in the digital advertising industry because you can stay in Vietnam and consult and manage clients around the world.

Since knowledge and skills required for this industry are quite similar in all countries, it is possible for you to develop a career anywhere in the world. Besides, AnyMind is a multinational company and in every market where AnyMind has an office, we have a Publisher Growth team in that country. This is a huge advantage for you to try this position at AnyMind.


In addition, this job gives you opportunities to gain a lot of technology knowledge, which is an important future trend that you will not want to miss.

I believe that Publisher Growth is an interesting job for you to try and devote in the future.

Hear more about her story through the video below!

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