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AnyMind Group to leverage Asia-wide presence to bring the region’s top influencers to Japan

Responding to a sharp increase in travel demand to Japan, AnyMind Group and ENGAWA launches Travel Booster program to attract the world’s top influencers to Japan

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, together with its cross-border marketing subsidiary ENGAWA, have today announced the launch of a new program to meet the rapidly increasing demand for inbound and foreign visitors to Japan, and offered as part of AnyMind Group’s “AnyStyle.Tokyo” brand.

With Japan’s travel restrictions easing since October 2022, inquiries about traveling to Japan have increased, and further growth in demand for visits to Japan is expected in the future. On the other hand, businesses in Japan have voiced concerns around marketing and promotions to foreigners visiting Japan amidst a rapidly changing situation caused by the pandemic. As such, AnyMind Group will leverage on ENGAWA’s cross-border marketing track record for Japan’s private and public sectors, with expertise for inbound marketing in the European, North American, and Australian regions, to roll out this program for influencers and brands around the world.

Named “Travel Booster by AnyStyle.Tokyo,” the program will see AnyMind Group’s teams situated in 19 offices across 13 markets shortlist and propose non-Japanese influencers from the 500,000-strong influencer database on AnyTag, the company’s proprietary influencer marketing platform. AnyMind Group’s customers will also be able to collaborate with these influencers during their trip to Japan.

These influencers will have been deemed to hold high affinity and meet the needs of businesses, regions, and municipalities, and provide the ability to reach inbound travelers to Japan and promote sites, goods, and services in Japan. The selected influencers will be flown to Japan and, following this, will create and deliver content through their social media channels. Measurement of influencer performance will be done through AnyTag’s tracking and attribution capabilities.

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