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NIL Corp selects AnyMind Group for cross-border e-commerce support

The healthcare and deep-tech company will leverage on AnyMind’s BPaaS model for areas such as store operations, marketing, import/export support and last-mile fulfillment

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced that NIL Corporation (NIL), a healthcare and deep-tech company, has selected AnyMind Group for cross-border e-commerce support through its BPaaS model. In addition, the companies have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for NIL’s haircare brand, SUNA, for Thailand and Malaysia.

Through its BPaaS model, AnyMind will provide NIL with comprehensive support for cross-border e-commerce operations by leveraging the company’s technology and local networks. This includes store development and operations through AnyX, and overseas delivery automation through AnyLogi supported by the company’s local teams and networks for local distribution and import. In addition, NIL will leverage on AnyTag for influencer marketing and AnyChat for conversational commerce and customer support. Arche Digital, a company that AnyMind has agreed to acquire within June 2024, will provide operational support for e-commerce and logistics in Malaysia.

NIL develops anti-aging products by combining the latest nanoparticle technology with naturally derived bioactive substances. Its haircare brand, SUNA, is sold primarily through e-commerce marketplaces such as Rakuten and achieved the top position in the Rakuten Ranking for the category of scalp care lotion and essence.

Since last fall, NIL has been conducting test sales in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore using the AnyShop Official Store, a cross-border sales service that utilizes AnyShop-branded stores in e-commerce marketplaces. The results have been promising, with sales in Thailand for November 2023 reaching six times the previous month’s sales. Based on these results, NIL will launch official brand stores in Thailand and Malaysia from May 2024, officially embarking on its cross-border e-commerce expansion.

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