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AnyMind Group and CAMPFIRE team up to power successful crowdfunded companies for e-commerce

End-to-end support from crowdfunding to sales and logistics domestically and overseas

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has announced a partnership with Japan’s largest crowdfunding platform CAMPFIRE, providing end-to-end support for post-crowdfunding e-commerce and logistics.

Through this partnership, companies that have successfully completed their crowdfunding on the CAMPFIRE platform can now tap on AnyMind Group’s various platforms for e-commerce enablement, marketing and logistics management. Companies can also tap on AnyMind Group’s cross-border expansion capabilities.

E-commerce enablement
Apart from AnyMind Group’s e-commerce management platform, AnyX, companies can also leverage on services to localize storefronts, UI/UX design, headless commerce and payment integrations.

Companies can leverage a range of platforms including AnyTag for influencer marketing and AnyChat for conversational commerce, customer support and customer relationship management, along with consultation for marketing strategy and planning.

Logistics management
Through the AnyLogi platform, companies can manage products, payment confirmation, warehousing, inventory, shipping and delivery through a network of local and international logistics partners.

Yoko Shinohara, Executive Officer of Strategy for CAMPFIRE, said: “Crowdfunding is becoming more popular around the world, including Japan, and CAMPFIRE, as the largest platform in Japan, is continuously making efforts to drive the growth of the crowdfunding market. In order to help crowdfunders take the next step forward, we have partnered with AnyMind, which has a wide range of technology with many bases around the world. This will make crowdfunding easier for many people involved in manufacturing and sales businesses and will provide comprehensive support that will enable them to easily take on the seemingly high hurdles of cross-border e-commerce and overseas crowdfunding. We hope that this will be an opportunity for more Japanese businesses to challenge Japan and the world through crowdfunding.”

Kosuke Sogo, CEO of AnyMind Group, said: “Recent changes around the world have led to the continued evolution of the e-commerce space, and crowdfunding has been attracting attention in Japan too. On the other hand, many companies are facing challenges after crowdfunding, including sales. Additionally, continuous issues such as maintaining and driving revenue, improving operational efficiency and optimizing inventory and logistics operations continue to plague businesses. Through this partnership with CAMPFIRE, we will solve the aforementioned issues for these companies, advancing next-generation commerce and making every business borderless.”

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