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Indonesian content creator Bayu Skak joins AnyMind Group’s creator network

AnyMind Group will provide Bayu Skak with analytics, channel optimization and brand collaborations across all social media platforms

AnyMind Group [TSE:5027], a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced that Skak Studio, a production studio by Bayu Skak, an Indonesian content creator, director, comedian, scriptwriter, singer and actor, has joined its creator network.

Through AnyMind Group, Skak Studio will have access to social media analytics and brand collaborations across all major social media platforms through AnyCreator, a web and app platform for content creators and influencers, and support for channel optimization. Skak Studio currently has over 690,000 subscribers.

More recently Skak Studio launched a local drama series, “Rujak Cingur Lek Har,” a spinoff of local drama series “Lara Ati” and the proceeding series from “Lara Ati 2”, the first regional language local drama in Indonesia. “Lara Ati 2” gained the largest audience on local OTT platform with over 10 million views, bagging Bayu Skak and Skak Studios a special award by for the work of “Lara Arti 2”.

On the launch of Rujak Cingur Lek Har, Bayu Skak said: “Local dramas give local talent an opportunity to perform, and if you try as hard as you can, you will get maximum results. Hopefully, we will see more drama series that use regional languages in the future.”

Lidyawati Aurelia, Country Manager, Indonesia, AnyMind Group, said: “We’re continuing to power the creator economy in Indonesia with our various technologies and solutions, and having Bayu Skak onboard speaks volumes about the work we are doing in this space. We’re not just supporting Bayu Skak to grow, but also provide marketers in Indonesia with greater accessibility to collaborate with Bayu Skak.”

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