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AnyMind Group launches first wave of GenAI functionality on AnyTag

The company’s influencer marketing platform leverages GenAI to improve influencer search and recommendations by utilizing images and data points from over 750,000 influencers including audience demographics, content engagement and past campaign performance

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today launched new functionality on its influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, that leverages generative AI (GenAI) to provide recommendations on the best YouTube, TikTok and Instagram influencers for a brand’s marketing campaigns.

The move aims to help users better select influencers based on multi-modal data from AnyTag’s 750,000-plus influencers, including quantitative data points such as audience demographics, content engagement and past campaign performance, along with qualitative data such as visual content created by influencers and their areas of interest.

While these data points are important in selecting the right influencers, it is often overly cumbersome to individually analyze individual data points to arrive at a conclusion on whether an influencer fits a brand and campaign requirements. Through GenAI, the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data can be done in a much shorter time frame.

The new GenAI features on AnyTag include chat-based influencer recommendations through an AI assistant, and image-based influencer search.

AnyTag’s new chat-based influencer recommendation engine enables users to convey requirements such as brand or product selling points, target audience and budget to an AI assistant on AnyTag, which will then evaluate AnyTag’s influencer pool to recommend the most suitable influencers. Search inputs can also come in the form of ambiguous criteria such as the tone of their content. In addition, if the information provided by the user is insufficient, the AI assistant will attempt more accurate searches by prompting the user questions in a conversational format.

The image-based influencer search on AnyTag enables users to discover influencer-created content with similar tones, view angles and motifs. This allows users to select influencers that create content that matches desired styles and tones.

On the new GenAI features, Ryuji Takemoto, Managing Director, Product Development, AnyMind Group, said: “These new features, coupled with AnyTag’s vast influencer pool and data from over 750,000 influencers and 9,000 influencer marketing campaigns across APAC can now be used for higher quality influencer selection, further strengthening AnyTag’s leading position in the influencer marketing technology space in Asia.”

AnyTag is an influencer marketing platform that enables marketers to discover influencers, and activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing campaigns throughout the marketing funnel, including campaigns for clicks, conversions and app installs. The platform is integrated with social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, X, Threads and Douyin.

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