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Zegome selects AnyMind Group for ad revenue optimization

Zegome will leverage proprietary ad monetization and optimization solutions through AnyManager

AnyMind Group, a BPaas company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced that Zegome Studio (hereinafter: Zegome), a young and dynamic mobile application studio in Vietnam, has opted for AnyMind Group to support advertising monetization and provide optimization solutions of Zegome’s utility applications.

Zegome is an independent studio that develops utility applications. The studio has a young and dynamic team with experience in software development. With the mission of enhancing the spiritual well-being of Vietnamese people, Zegome emphasizes creating innovative products that not only cater to the cultural and spiritual needs of the local community but also resonate with audiences globally. However, the studio is facing challenges in aligning products with market demands and optimizing profitability.

AnyMind Group will provide Zegome with ad monetization and optimization solutions through its media monetization and growth platform, AnyManager. In addition, AnyMind Group will also provide Zegome with strategic recommendations for new advertising demand, optimized pricing strategies, and new ad placements which lead to a remarkable surge in revenue streams for Zegome.

Le Trong Quan, CEO, Zegome Studio shared: “We recognized the necessity of having a proficient partner to further enhance our offerings and drive sustainable growth. AnyMind Group is our chosen partner with their proprietary technology and in-market expertise. The partnership allows us to unlock further opportunities to reach the right customer base and increase the app revenue. In a few months of optimizing Waterfall layers, we have experienced a 20% increase in ARPDAU”.

Natalie Do, Regional Head of Publisher Growth, AnyMind Group said: “Partnering with Zegome Studio means that we can utilize our platform and expertise to support Zegome and other mobile publishers in amplifying their advertising revenue and broadening their audience base. We are honored to facilitate Zegome in unlocking new opportunities to strengthen its presence in Vietnam and international markets.”

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