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AnyMind Group empowers fashion model, MALIA, to launch luxury children's apparel brand FLECT

Mother of four launches children's clothing line through AnyMind D2C for Influencers

 AnyMind Group, together with fashion model MALIA, have launched D2C children’s apparel brand, FLECT. The official online store for FLECT will launch from 10:00AM Tokyo Time on Thursday, 10 December 2020. The launch will see the introduction of 10 FLECT products, including hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts.

FLECT online store : FLECT Instagram :

The inspiration behind FLECT was driven by MALIA’s own urge to create high-quality and accessible children’s apparel, and her own children are already loving the new apparel. MALIA was personally involved in the entire process, from the designing of apparel to choosing material quality and color. MALIA’s son, Poko, serves as the main model for FLECT.

With AnyMind Group’s D2C offering, MALIA was able to create a brand that could grow with her own children. The company provided her with comprehensive support from brand planning, product design, manufacturing and the setting up of e-commerce infrastructure, revolving around AnyMind Group’s cloud manufacturing platform, AnyFactory.

FLECT aims to create products that address the following: ・Create comfortable clothing that children can wear even for high-energy activities ・Devices to help in daily parenting ・Designs and colors that are stylish for children


Oversized hoodie/sweatpants combination with FLECT’s logo Available in two colors: Black and beige (above image shows black hoodie)


Basic combination of oversized hoodie and sweatpants with printed FLECT logo Available in two colors: Black and beige (above image shows beige hoodie)


Oversized hoodie and sweatpants combination with FLECT logo and white roses Available in two colors: Black and beige (above image shows beige combination)


FLECT’s logo is stylishly emblazoned on the chest of this big-sized t-shirt.


FLECT’s logo, in rubber material, is stylishly placed on the front chest area of this big-sized t-shirt.


A big-sized t-shirt with the FLECT logo printed on the front chest and back. Available in two colors: Black and white (above image shows product in white)

In the future, FLECT plans to develop other products such as children’s clothing and sundries, bringing to market luxury street fashion that grows with children.

■MALIA profile

MALIA is a business owner, model, TV personality and mother of four. She has been a model for many women’s magazines and has appeared in fashion events and TV shows, and since December 2019, she has been writing a series of articles in women’s magazine, Domani, in which she shares experiences about her work as a manager, mother and woman. As a business owner, she launched Anela Inc. in 2009, and has been working on a new Brazillian waxing salon called Moalani Wax, apparel brand “ANELATOKYO” and beauty brand “Anela Beauty”. YouTube : Instagram :

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