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AnyFactory is now available on Shopify in Japan

Shopify users in Japan can now easily source and match from more than 200 suppliers across Asia

AnyMind Group, a company which develops software that enables brand building, manufacturing, e-commerce and marketing, has today announced that its cloud manufacturing platform, AnyFactory, is now available to Shopify merchants in Japan through an integration with the Shopify app store.

Through the AnyFactory app on Shopify, merchants can access, manufacture and match with over 200 direct manufacturers across Asia to produce the best quality products at the most ideal cost, including apparel, cosmetics, gift & souvenirs, and other equipment. Shopify merchants can also easily manage manufacturing orders, production progress, sales and product inventory within a single platform.

This matching with manufacturers across Asia is done through pre-set requirements including budget, production quantity, type of products, along with accumulated manufacturer transactions and customer satisfaction results. Users can also tap on process management features to provide feedback on specifications, with all interactions stored and accessible to ensure no information is lost.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said: “We have been supporting the growth of individuals and businesses across our entire product suite, including marketing and cloud manufacturing. This takes us another step towards an era where individuals have increased brand power, and the possibilities in the D2C and commerce domains are expanded through the creation of original products and brands.”

Shopify merchants now have a single platform to produce, manage and sell products on Shopify, and moving forward, both companies will continue to grow brand development, e-commerce and product development capabilities for Shopify user.

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