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AnyMind Group empowers Japanese Mixed Martial Artist Kai Asakura to launch sportswear brand EN MER SPORTS

Fitness wear items with breathability and functionality will be available on the official online store from 20th March 2022

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced the launch of EN MER SPORTS, the first sportswear collection from D2C apparel brand EN MER produced by the Japanese mixed martial artist Kai Asakura. Product sales on the EN MER / EN MER SPORTS online store will start at 8:00 PM (Japan Standard Time) on 20 March 2022.

    EN MER / EN MER SPORTS official online store:
    EN MER official Instagram:
    EN MER SPORTS official Instagram :

    Kai Asakura is one of Japan’s leading mixed martial artists, holding titles such as the “2021 RIZIN Bantamweight Japan GP Runner-up” and “3rd RIZIN Bantamweight Title.” His official YouTube channel “KAI Channel / Kai Asakura” has over 1.06 million subscribers (as of 15 March 2022), and he is also the brand producer of EN MER, his first D2C apparel brand. These have broadened his following and earned him tremendous popularity, especially among young people.

    EN MER is a D2C apparel brand produced by Kai Asakura that offers items made of materials that are easy to move in and comfortable to the touch.
    When the brand launched in June 2021 and started selling its first products on its official online store, the products were sold out in just 15 minutes. Furthermore, the brand’s first limited-time pop-up event held in June of the same year attracted a large number of visitors, including fans, with the brand boasting immense popularity among men and women in their 20s and 30s.

    The EN MER SPORTS line is even more functional than EN MER, with an upgraded level of functionality that focuses on ease of movement. This sports apparel brand offers functional and well-designed fitness wear that is close to all those who devote their energies to sports.

    For the launch of EN MER SPORTS, Kai Asakura tapped on AnyMind Group’s platforms for planning, design, production, e-commerce, logistics and conversational commerce, including AnyFactory, AnyShop, AnyLogi and AnyChat.

    Concept of EN MER SPORTS

    Wearable Earth

    Organic and comfortable.

    Wear it and you will feel empowered, and it will be there for those who work hard.

    A child born on earth
    By wearing EN MER SPORTS, the strength and heat in you is brought out.

    The apparel’s organic designs are inspired by the sea, earth and plants

    The human body is made of earth.
    That fact gives us strength and we will be there for you to do your best.

    Product Lineup


    Price: 11,000 yen (tax inclusive) / Color: BEIGE and BLACK / Size: Medium and Large

    Original jersey for ease of movement.
    The sleeves are designed with a wave pattern inspired by the sea.


    Price: 11,000 yen (tax inclusive) / Color: BEIGE and BLACK / Size: Medium and Large

    Designed for ease of movement.
    The side lines are designed with a wave pattern inspired by the sea.


    Price: 5,200 yen (tax inclusive) / Color: BLUE, NAVY, and BEIGE / Size: Free

    This t-shirt has the EN MER SPORTS logo emblazoned on the chest.
    Highly breathable and water absorbent, these items are ideal for sports.

    ■About Kai Asakura

    Asakura is a mixed martial artist in Japan.
    He made his debut as a professional fighter in 2012.

    In 2013, he participated in THE OUTSIDER and became champion.
    He entered RIZIN in 2017 and became the bantamweight champion in 2020.

    Also he started his YouTube channel in 2019, “KAI Channel / Kai Asakura”, which boasts about 1.06 million registered users. (As of 15 March 2022)

    YouTube Channel「KAI Channel / Kai Asakura」:
    YouTube Channel「Honobono Kai Channel」:
    Instagram @kai_asakura_:

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