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Meta-owned social media platforms dominated influencer marketing campaigns for the Philippines in 2021

New report also highlights the growing clout of influencers and business content as the fastest-growing influencer content vertical in the Philippines

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today published a report on the influencer marketing space in the Philippines. Tapping on data points from close to 20,000 social media influencers in the Philippines from the company’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, the report revealed growing clout gained by influencers over the past year, business content as the fastest-growing influencer content vertical in the Philippines, and Instagram as the platform most-used by both influencers and brands for influencer marketing.

Siwat Vilassakdanont, Country Manager, Philippines, AnyMind Group, said: “2021 was monumental for influencer marketing in the Philippines, with it becoming a key part of marketer’s arsenals, and influencers and content creators advancing further into the space. This year, we will see technology truly transforming influencer marketing here as marketers have access to more data and automation which will enable greater efficiency and effectiveness in influencer marketing.”

With a growing social media population and usage rates in the Philippines, the past year saw a 19.66% increase in total volume of social media influencers in the Philippines. In addition, 2021 saw increased momentum from influencers in the Philippines amassing followers, with end-user (100 to 1,000 followers) and nano-influencer (1,000 to 10,000 followers) proportions falling due to these influencers gaining more followers and entering the micro-influencer (10,000 to 100,000 followers) and macro-influencer (100,000 to 1 million followers) segments. Additionally, macro-influencers and top stars (more than 1 million followers) saw a two times year-on-year increase in volume.

In addition, the top three influencer verticals in the Philippines are fashion & beauty, arts & entertainment and food & beverage. These three verticals represent 63.34% of total influencers in the Philippines, with more growth expected in the coming year. However, influencers creating business content on social media was the fastest-growing influencer vertical in the Philippines for 2021 with a 43% jump from 2020.

Instagram (49.57%) and Facebook (31.30%) are the social media platforms most used by brands for influencer marketing campaigns on AnyTag in 2021, combining to reach just over 80% of total influencer marketing campaigns. On the other hand, influencer marketing campaigns run on YouTube in 2021 increased by 38.46%, but only saw a 15.65% proportion when compared to other social media platforms.

For influencers in the Philippines, Instagram (37.42%) emerged as the social media platform of choice, followed by YouTube (35.96%), Facebook (18.77%) and Twitter (7.85%). However, the social media platform that saw the most growth in influencer usage for 2021 was Facebook (67.06% increase).

AnyMind Group’s “Influencer marketing in the Philippines – Market overview 2022” report leverages influencer and campaign data from the company’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag. Following the same series of reports covering other markets in Asia, data from TikTok was not added into this report, but will be included in the next series of influencer marketing reports later this year.

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