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AnyMind Group provides platform for Vietnamese influencer, PAM, to create and launch a D2C apparel collection

This is the company’s first D2C for Influencers collaboration in Vietnam

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform company, has today announced the launch of a D2C apparel collection in collaboration with Vietnamese art and fashion influencer, PAM. The collection and products will be made available for sale at 20:00 on 7 January 2022 on PAM STUDIO – the official online store.

PAM, or Lương Minh Quang, is an influencer who creates content in the fields of art and fashion, and is famous for custom shoes. PAM uses watercolors to beautify everyday fashion items, with each drawing, stroke and layer having its own unique meaning. This way, PAM is able to express his own perspectives through art.

The collection includes two product lines that showcase PAM’s artistic style. The first product line includes three solid color t-shirts in the themes of “art”, “smile” and “hustler”, and the second product line are tie-dye styled t-shirts with the word “art” emblazoned on the front. The items were all conceptualized and designed by PAM.

PAM at PAM’s Studio

On the launch of his collection, PAM shared: “I want to express the spirit of art and freedom through this collection. The products are designed based on the randomness and natural movement of colors in the design. For PAM, art is without words. You, yourself and your style are a perfect piece of art.”

PAM was able to tap on AnyMind Group’s D2C for Influencers program, where influencers can launch their own brands and products by tapping on a range of resources, tools, and support from AnyMind Group from product ideas to marketing. The company also supports startup costs associated with an influencer creating their own brand. Tools and platforms from AnyMind Group that influencers can use include:

  • AnyFactory – a cloud manufacturing platform that enables users to source and manage manufacturers and orders across Asia and design and create products
  • AnyShop – for e-commerce enablement, including store analytics and optimization, store integrations and payments
  • AnyLogi – a platform for logistics management including order, inventory and delivery management

The company has supported various influencers from across the region to launch their own brands and products through the AnyMind Group’s D2C for Influencers program, such as Thai influencer Nisamanee Nutt’s fashion brand, Land of N, Filipino celebrity Rhian Ramos’ jewelry brand bās, Japanese influencer Tanakaga’s cosmetic brand GAB ME, Singaporean influencer Naomi Neo’s accessory brand NNCHANTED, and more.

Separately, AnyMind Group is also planning to launch PopBox for Vietnam in the near future. PopBox is an online retail store for influencer products, currently available in Japan and Thailand.

Product lineup

1. Art t-shirt

The “Art” patterned t-shirt shows the unique artistic spirit and personality of PAM. An indispensable item in the wardrobes of every young person in Vietnam, the t-shirt is designed to be minimalist, sophisticated and easy to coordinate with other clothing items.

2. Smile t-shirt

The “Smile” motif is inspired by a moment in the studio when PAM poured color onto a smiley-faced basketball. It is a design that showcases improvisation and artistry for the wearer.

3. Hustler t-shirt

Hustler was a slang used by rappers in the 2000s to imply the hidden corners of the community. Later, the term “hustler” was more popularly used to refer to effort and trying your best to live a better life. The “Hustler” motif t-shirt looks to express the heart and spirit of the underground.

4. Tie-dye t-shirt

The texture on the tie-dye t-shirt is created using a fabric dyeing technique to let colors flow naturally. The t-shirt contains the letters “art” and every item has its own unique and beautiful pattern.

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