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AnyMind Group, together with UUUM, powers ARAKA to launch ARAKA JEANS PRO

The D2C brand for fishing enthusiasts is a project between UUUM and AnyMind Group; ARAKA OUTDOOR BEER is now back in stock due to popular demand

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end brand enablement platform, has once again teamed up with UUUM, a Japan-based multi-channel network and a leader in creator management and content marketing, to help Saga-based UUUM exclusive creator, Tsuriyokadesyou launch a new version of ARAKA JEANS, a pair of jeans that was launched initially together with the launch of the ARAKA brand. The new version of ARAKA JEANS, ARAKA JEANS PRO, will be available on the ARAKA official online store from 11 December 2021, 6:00 p.m., along with the relaunch of ARAKA OUTDOOR BEER, a craft beer that is brewed exclusively for outdoor use, due to popular demand.

ARAKA JEANS is the very first product launched under the ARAKA brand, and is based on the concept of “making the great outdoors a playground.” The design, color and material of ARAKA JEANS was fully decided on by members of Tsuriyokadesyou, and is equipped with functionality suitable for fishing enthusiasts, such as tools for storing pliers, scissors and smartphones, and has a special coating to prevent the jeans from getting wet when fishing in the sea or rivers. At the initial launch, ARAKA JEANS were sold out in just five hours, and the total sales exceeded 2,000 pairs including a second window where the product was put on sale (as of December 9, 2021).

The new version of ARAKA JEANS, named ARAKA JEANS PRO, is made of CORDURA® denim, which is more durable and more water repellent. The ARAKA JEANS PRO is available in nine sizes and can be worn by people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of gender or age.

To commemorate the release of the new product, ARAKA is once again making their ARAKA OUTDOOR BEER available.

To turn Tsuriyokadesyou’s ideas into reality, UUUM’s P2C Studio tapped on AnyMind Group’s tools including AnyFactory, AnyShop and AnyLogi, for planning, design, manufacturing, e-commerce enablement and logistics.

Comments by Tsuriyokadesyou’s Kimu: “I’m happy to launch an updated version of our ARAKA jeans, the PRO version! Especially this time we’ve used CORDURA’s denim which has excellent durability and water repellency, so I think it’s even more perfect for fishing and outdoor activities. I also like the color, which is a very cool “Sumi” color mixed with black and denim-like colors! We’ll also be putting up our previously sold-out outdoor beer that we made with a Saga brewer, so we hope you’ll enjoy it while camping, barbecuing or just drinking at home!”

Product information


Denim made for fishermen, created with a high level of craftsmanship and produced and sewn in Japan. The denim supports the vigorous movement of fishermen with features such as tool pockets for storing pliers and smartphones. The ARAKA JEANS PRO has excellent stretch performance and special water repellent processing.

ARAKA JEANS PRO is a new product that further upgrades the existing ARAKA JEANS by using CORDURA® denim, which is so abrasion-resistant and durable that it is used in U.S. military uniforms and can only be produced by a limited number of fabric factories and fabric partners. The pair of jeans come in a special black color that looks like “Sumi” (black ink), which goes well with earthy colors common in outdoor wear.

Price: ¥17,600 (tax included)
Color: Black
Material: C:80%/N:18%/PU:2%
Available sizes: 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches, 34 inches, 36 inches, 38 inches, 40 inches


A pale ale craft beer with a refreshing, fruity aroma and powerful bitterness. It is not too light and not too heavy, making it easy to drink for craft beer lovers.

It is also a special outdoor craft beer that goes especially well with bold meat dishes, cheese, and other richly flavored dishes when camping.


A pilsner-style craft beer with a perfect balance between natural sweetness of beer and the bitterness of hops. Lemongrass, a herb found in Saga prefecture, is added as a special ingredient to give the pilsner a smooth and light feeling. The faint aroma of the herb not only increases appetite but also relaxes the person.

It goes well with fish dishes that have little seasoning such as freshly caught and grilled fish or fresh sashimi. The herb effect eliminates fishy aftertaste and the aroma of the herb spreads softly with a refreshing aftertaste, making this craft beer the perfect brew for the outdoors.

Marketing through video content

The end-to-end product development process, including package design and sample production, is shown on Tsuriyokadesyou’s subchannel “Sagayokadeshou.” In addition, the ARAKA OUTDOOR BEER was manufactured in conjunction with a craft beer brewer, and the production process is shown in the video. Also, the thoughts of Tsuriyokadesyou’s members and craftsmanship of the brewers are also featured throughout the video.



ARAKA is an outdoor brand that delivers experiences that make outdoor life in the great wilderness and urban life in the big city even more enjoyable, based on the concept of “making the great outdoors a playground.”

The origin of the name “ARAKA” comes from a dialect of Saga prefecture, which means “Oh no!” and is a word that expresses surprise. It is our hope to become the world’s freest outdoor brand that delivers unprecedented experiences by creating original products from a unique perspective.

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