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AnyMind Group supports Mio Sakuma to launch beauty bodywear D2C brand “miour”

Sakuma is a beauty body researcher and the product was developed based on user feedback

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform, has today announced the launch of “miour” a beauty bodywear brand by Mio Sakuma, a qualified body posture instructure and lymph care therapist who is famous for her YouTube channel: “Mio Sakuma’s Beauty Body Research Club.”

The brand will launch on its official online store on 11 December 2021 at 9:00 p.m. for pre-sale, and 17 December 2021 at 8:30 p.m. for general sales. During the pre-sale, a limited number of her first product, Essential Night Bra, will be available, and will include a special offer to participate in an online discussion session with Sakuma.

Sakuma is also the author of “Bigger Breasts, Slimmer Body!” and “Glamorous Slender Habits”, published in March 2021. Sakuma’s YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers and her videos have received over 8 million views.

Her beauty body wear brand for women, “miour”, reflects her commitment and expertise in body posture and also reflects the thoughts of her fans. The first product, Essential Night Bra, will be available for pre-sale from Saturday, 11 December 2021, and helps the wearer have a more beautiful chest just by wearing it and sleeping in it.

To celebrate the launch of the brand, the pre-sale version of the “Essential Night Bra 3-Piece Set” will be available for purchase at a 10% discount from the regular price, and includes a special offer to participate in an online chat session with Sakuma. General sales for the set will start on 17 December 2021 at 8:30 p.m., at the regular retailing price.

Sakuma worked with AnyMind Group to turn her ideas into reality, and areas such as concept, design, specifications and materials were shared by her. Sakuma was also able to tap on AnyMind Group’s tools such as AnyFactory, AnyShop and AnyLogi for planning, design, production, e-commerce enablement and logistics.

Working with fans on social media to create “miour”

During the development of “miour”, the process from product planning to decision-making was made available to Sakuma’s fans on YouTube and other social media platforms, and questionnaires were shared with users to find out their concerns regarding body shape and underwear, with the aim to create a brand that reflects the voices of her followers. Additionally, followers were able to participate in online planning meetings and offline try-on events, reflecting the voices of followers who actually tried on the products.

Concept of “miour”

Essential beauty body wear created by everyone

Aim for a healthy and beautiful body together with Mio Sakuma (Mio) and her users (Our).

Product lineup

Essential Night Bra

Make your breasts beautiful just by wearing it and sleeping
Essential wear that focuses on “beauty from the inside” rather than “enhancement from the outside.” The Essential Night Bra features a special structure that does not interfere with the growth of breasts but supports them firmly from the bust line, and has soft material that feels good against the skin. The sophisticated lace design makes for a luxurious sleep time.

Available in a wide range of sizes from A cup to I cup.

Color: Black
Sizes: XS, S, Sg, M, Mg, L, Lg
Price: ¥4,980 (tax inclusive)

Essential Night Bra 3-Piece Set>

This set comes with a special offer to participate in an online chat session with Mio Sakuma
Dates: 12 January 2022, 13 January 2022, 14 January 2022, 3 minutes per person
Reservation start date: 18 December 2021, noon. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis
For more information, please visit the official online store at

Color: Black
Sizes: XS, S, Sg, M, Mg, L, Lg
Price: ¥13,500 (tax inclusive)

Quote from Mio Sakuma

“I want good support when I’m sleeping.”
“I want something cute but comfortable and inexpensive.”
“The top fits perfectly, but the underskirt is too big, and there’s nothing in my size…etc.”
These are just a few of the reasons why I wanted to create a night bra like this. We have finally completed the first “miour” product that fulfills this desire!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We have received tens of thousands of feedback in our project “Night Bra Project Made by Everyone”! I wanted the product to be well-researched, so I extended the release date by six months, ordered more samples with my own money, and made this product with all my heart and without compromise!

I had the same problems and doubts about bras as you do, so I’m really happy that we were able to create a product together that can solve all this!

I want you to love yourself more and more as you get more beautiful every day while being in the comfort of a happy bed…I hope that you will be able to sleep happily and love yourself more and more as you become more beautiful every day.

YouTube video showing “Night Bra Project Made by Everyone”


About Mio Sakuma

Mio Sakuma is a popular beauty YouTuber who has a total of over 400,000 followers on social media. The breast massages she introduces on her YouTube channel, “Sakuma Mio’s Beautiful Body Research Club,” have been viewed over 8 million times, and her perfect body is admired by many women.

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