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AnyMind Group starts operations in new satellite office in Ureshino, Saga Prefecture, Japan

The new office in Wataya Villa, a well-established hot spring inn, will house a specialized function for social media and influencer marketing operations, and strengthen ties with local governments and companies

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for marketers, business owners, influencers and publishers, together with its subsidiary ENGAWA Corporation, a cross-border marketing company, have today announced the start of operations at an additional office in Japan, located in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture.

Since the start of operations in 2016, AnyMind Group has continuously expanded its software and solutions and now provides an end-to-end platform for manufacturing, e-commerce enablement, marketing and logistics across 13 markets and 17 offices around Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the Middle East.

The company has experienced rapid growth in Japan, with the number of employees in Japan expanding more than fivefold from 43 staff in August 2019 to 252 staff (as of 31 August 2021). To further strengthen its operations and accelerate growth in Japan, AnyMind Group has opened a new office to expand its workforce. This new office in Ureshino City will be the first satellite office in Japan, apart from its existing office and operations in Tokyo, Japan.

With the opening of this satellite office, AnyMind Group has already started hiring staff from the region, and aims to have a 20-person team by 2023. In addition to plans for growing social media and influencer marketing capabilities for the region, AnyMind Group will also look to deepen its collaboration with local governments and local vendors. The company also aims to equip local industries with technology for manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and other business areas, to further accelerate business growth and drive value creation from local industries to the global stage.

AnyMind Group’s office in Ureshno City, Saga Prefecture, Japan, providing an excellent location for staff to experience the rich nature of Ureshino’s mountains and rivers.


Address of Saga satellite office
Address: Wataya Villa, 738, Shimoyado, Ureshino City, Saga
About 40 minutes by cab or car from Nagasaki Airport
About 60 minutes by cab or car from Kyushu Saga International Airport
About 70 minutes by cab or car from Fukuoka Airport.
*Please refrain from sending congratulatory flowers for the convenience of the office.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group said: “We will use the establishment of our second office in Japan as an opportunity to further strengthen our business structure, including bringing in talented staff in the Kyushu area. We have been expanding our business over the years, and we would like to further strengthen our value through multifaceted collaborations with local businesses. Once again, I would like to thank Saga Prefecture, Ureshino City, Wataya Villa, and everyone involved for their support in the opening of this office.”

Takanobu Ushiyama, Director, Japan, AnyMind Group, and President and CEO of ENGAWA Corporation, said: “We have worked on many projects for local governments and companies in the region, including cross-border marketing projects. With the opening of this satellite office, we aim to create the next generation standard of D2C and marketing in Japan, by providing detailed management and solutions rooted in the local community, which is difficult to achieve through remote activities from Tokyo.”

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