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AnyMind Group collaborates with basketball YouTuber to produce basketball apparel brand &RSON

First &RSON product lineup features four items, to launch on 14 August 2021, 7 p.m. JST

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, business owners and publishers, has today announced the launch of &RSON (pronounced and-r-son), a direct-to-consumer (D2C) basketball apparel brand produced in collaboration with Tomoyan, a Japanese YouTuber who is also a member of YouTube channel Lazy Lie Crazy and is highly popular amongst the Generation Z population in Japan. The first product lineup includes four items which will be available for purchase on the &RSON official online store from 19:00hrs on 14 August 2021.

&RSON official online store :
&RSON official Instagram :

&RSON is an original basketball apparel brand produced by Tomoyan, embodying his vision to create a culture where basketball wear can be worn as a fashion statement.

The first lineup of products include original basketballs with popular colors and fabrics, oversized t-shirts that are styled for streetwear, and towels and tote bags with the &RSON logo. These products were created with Tomoyan’s vision in mind, providing apparel that can be used for sports or worn stylishly as streetwear.

In addition, to coelebrate the launch of &RSON, the complete set of the first four products will come with two purchase benefits – a brand photo book with Tomoyan’s autograph and a limited edition community participation card.

In launching &RSON, Tomoyan was fully involved in producing the design, colors and materials based on what he envisioned for the brand. Through AnyMind Group, Tomoyan tapped on platforms such as AnyFactory, AnyShop and AnyLogi for planning, designing, manufacturing, e-commerce enablement and logistics.

Concept of &RSON

“Jump out of the court and into the city by playing with fashion.”

&RSON’s concept of Cageless Clothes aims to create clothes that can be worn stylishly off the basketball court. &RSON aims to create highly fashionable clothes that overturn the conventional image of basketball wear. It can be worn both as basketball wear and for going out, and is available for children and adults.

Points of note

・High-fashion items that can be worn stylishly on the street as well as basketball wear
・The brand embodies Tomoyan’s desire to create a culture where people can wear basketball wear more fashionably
・&RSON is an apparel brand which Tomoyan himself created with great care and attention to detail

&RSON product lineup


Price:¥9,900(tax inclusive)

The basketball features a bright light blue color, which is rare to find on typical basketballs. The &RSON logo is placed in two places, and the ball’s material was designed with care. It will be delivered in a drawstring bag with an orange handle printed with the logo.


Price:¥3,850(tax inclusive)

The embroidered &RSON logo on the chest of this fashion-forward t-shirt is designed similar to high-fashion wear.


Price:¥1,980(tax inclusive)

The towel features a large &RSON logo on beige cotton fabric. This cotton towel has excellent water absorbency and can be utilized not only for daily use but also for sports.


Price:¥3,850(tax inclusive)

The &RSON logo is placed on this large capacity tote bag created using a thick canvas material.
An orange brand tag is attached to the back of the bag.
The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted at the knot, allowing the wearer to use it at their preferred length.


Price:¥16,000(tax inclusive)

This set includes four items: the &RSON basketball, &RSON logo t-shirt, &RSON towel and &RSON logo totebag.
The set also includes a branded photo book autographed by Tomoyan, along with a community participation card for those who have purchased the set.

Comments from Tomoyan

I have two main thoughts about &RSON.

The first is that I want to create a culture where people can wear basketball wear in a more fashionable way.
I think basketball is one of the most fashionable sports, and of course, since it’s a sport, there are things like winning and losing, but I want people to enjoy basketball and cool basketball fashion, and I want to increase the number of people who do so.

The second reason is that I want to share my idea that “everyone can have a dream” with many people and encourage them to do so.

I think there are many people in the world who want to have their own brand in the future, but most people think it’s impossible and give up.
However, by actually taking action and making my own dream come true, I was able to realize that nothing is impossible.Any one can do it if they try.
I want to help as many people as possible understand that. I hope that the number of people who are able to challenge and realize their dreams and live happily will increase as a result of seeing the growth of &RSON and me.

About Tomoyan

Tomoyan is a basketball YouTuber who is very popular amongst Generation Z. He is also a member of Lazy Lie Crazy, a YouTube channel with over 870,000 subscribers, and is also active on YouTube under his individual handle “Tomoyan”, mainly doing various basketball-related videos, and has 410,000 subscribers (as of August 2021).
In his high school days, he was active in the inter-high school basketball tournament and winter cup, and is an idol in the youth basketball world.
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