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Dentsu Digital collaborates with AnyMind Group to provide a one-stop support service for e-commerce

Offerings range from strategy planning to e-commerce enablement and social media marketing

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for marketers, business owners, influencers and publishers, is today announcing that it is collaborating with Dentsu Digital to provide a one-stop support service for e-commerce.

Through this collaboration, AnyMind Group will provide various platforms to Dentsu Digital including AnyLogi, AnyShop and AnyTag, enabling Dentsu Digital to further provide a range of solutions from strategic planning and logistics to e-commerce enablement, and social media and influencer marketing, in order to help businesses drive their digital transformation efforts in commerce.

With the e-commerce market continuing to expand rapidly, driven by the rise of e-commerce marketplaces and e-commerce capabilities. In addition, the amount of time spent at home has also increased in recent years, leading to increased reliance on e-commerce channels. In particular, the emergence of the direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model has made it challenging for businesses looking to enter into the digital economy, due to the complexity of such a fast-moving and vast business domain and shortage of expertise in this space.

AnyMind Group will provide the following platforms to Dentsu Digital:

・AnyLogi, a logistics management platform for D2C, that combines the flexibility, scalability and convenience to centrally manage products, inventory and delivery.

・AnyShop, an e-commerce enablement solution that supports the entire e-commerce value chain ​

・AnyTag, a platform for data-driven social media and influencer marketing ​

Dentsu Digital provides 360-degree consulting for clients to build up e-commerce capabilities, providing integrated support starting from the formulation of overall strategies and plans for a company’s e-commerce business, through the creation, operation and improvement of e-commerce sites. The company also provides e-commerce sales strategies and analysis in line for e-commerce channels, leading to business growth in the e-commerce market.

The collaboration between both companies will enable Dentsu Digital’s customers to receive integrated support for digital transformation in the commerce domain, providing customers with optimal purchasing experience and value through stable and high-performing operational capabilities, and maximizing performance in new business fields. ​

Moving forward, AnyMind Group and Dentsu Digital will continue to contribute to the business growth of its clients in the fast-growing digital commerce domain by constantly providing cutting-edge, high-level digital technology and marketing strategies. ​

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