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Junior high school YouTube personality, Myuu, joins GROVE and launches MUSE, a D2C lifestyle brand for teens

First three items include notebooks and sticker, available at the official online store from Saturday, 22 May 2021 at 1800 hrs JST

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for influencers, publishers, marketers and business owners, through its subsidiary, GROVE, has signed an exclusive management contract with junior high school YouTube content creator, Myuu, a personality who is immensely popular amongst teenage girls in Japan. In addition, the company will launch MUSE, a D2C lifestyle brand by Myuu. The first three items launched through MUSE will be available on the MUSE official online store from Saturday, 22 May 2021, at 6pm Japan Standard Time.

MUSE official online store:

Although Myuu has never revealed her likeness, she has a rapidly growing fan base through her unique video blogging style and content. She has garnered over 100,000 subscribers (as of 20 May 2021), less than a year since she launched her YouTube channel. With MUSE, Myuu is looking to produce items that exemplify cuteness and helps her fans study better. The first product line includes a t-shirt with a cherry motif, and MUSE-branded notebooks and stickers.

The MUSE brand is grounded in the color, white, which complements any other colors. The brand was fully produced by Myuu in terms of item choices, design, color and materials. In order to give shape to her passion and commitment, we provided comprehensive support for planning, design, production, e-commerce enablement.

■ MUSE – points of note
・Based on the concept of creating items that bring out the cuteness and studying capability of each individual
・The base color of the brand is white and features a cherry motif
・Items have been created that combine practicality and designs influenced by the perspective of a junior high school student

■MUSE – concept
Myuu’s favorite color is white, which is highly complementary to other colors.

With MUSE, Myuu hopes to create items, based on the color, white, that look to bring out the cuteness and studying capabilities of everyone.

■ MUSE – Product lineup
Cherry Blossom Logo Big T-Shirt

¥4,400 (tax inclusive) / White / Free-sized

A free-sized, large t-shirt that can be worn as is or tucked in for a cuter and more versatile look. The front has an embroidered cherry logo, and the t-shirt is white color, making it easy to match with any other colors.

Original notebook and stickers

¥2,750 (tax inclusive)

An original notebook designed by Myuu, accompanied by stickers with a cherry and gingham checked pattern. The cover and ring of the notebook are white, with the cherry logo as an accent. The inside of the notebook is in full color, and was designed to make studying fun.
Each sticker is 1cm in diameter, and different colors can be used for different subjects.

Pen set(mechanical pencil and red ballpoint pen)

¥1,100 (tax inclusive)

This set includes a white mechanical pencil and red ballpoint pen with pink cherries and the MUSE logo.

Study With Me set

¥3,300 (tax inclusive)

The Study With Me set includes the MUSE original notebook and stickers, and pen set (mechanical pencil and red ballpoint pen).

Complete set

¥7,700 (tax inclusive)

This set includes the cherry blossom logo BIG t-shirt, original notebook and stickers, pen set (mechanical pencil & red ballpoint pen), two sets of stickers (Myuu portrait logo and MUSE cherries logo), and a card with a message from Myuu.

■ Myuu’s YouTube video about MUSE

Title :Long awaited news ⸜❤︎⸝‍

■ About Myuu

A junior high school YouTube who is extremely popular amongst teenage girls.
Myuu posts a wide range of content including vlogs, fashion, cosmetics, interior design and studying.
Myuu is a next-generation YouTube content creator who is wildly popular amongst her fans, who are called “Myu-tan” and are influenced by Myuu’s way of living and study methods.

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