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Notice on criminal activities and unauthorized brand usage of AnyMind Group from an individual or syndicate in Malaysia

Recently, AnyMind Group has received information about the unauthorized usage of AnyMind Group brand collaterals, through the impersonation of identity by an individual, group or syndicate, to ask the general public in Malaysia to download an app and place a deposit (based on information made known to us from affected individuals). Do take note: their mode of operations might change once this notice has been published.

The criminals will use a legitimate article from 2017 about AnyMind Group (which was then named AdAsia Holdings, or AdAsia as named in the article), to attempt to attract people in Malaysia to download the app. The article is the following: cn[dot]technode[dot]com/post/2017-10-13/adasia-ai/

The person will then be redirected to a URL to download an app, as shown in the screenshots below, and are asked to place a deposit. The above was information obtained through an account of the incident given to us by a person who was affected by this scam.

Screenshot of the links the scammers sent to unsuspecting people in Malaysia

Screenshot of the page people see after downloading the app

We hereby clarify that this individual, group or syndicate and these app(s) and websites have no relation to AnyMind Group or any of its affiliates and subsidiaries.

Websites under AnyMind Group are:;;;;;;; and The above also includes subdomains with “app”. Additionally, the only legitimate mobile applications available from AnyMind Group are;;;

If you are unsure of the authenticity of any individual, entity, group or syndicate that claims to be representing AnyMind Group, you can reach us at; to verify such information.

AnyMind Group reserves the right to take further necessary legal actions against such impersonators or fraudulent activities.

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