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AnyMind Group empowers Nutt Nisamanee to launch lifestyle brand, Land of N

New lifestyle line features cardigan and luggage bag designed by Nutt through AnyMind D2C

AnyMind Group, a technology company in the marketing, entertainment, HR and direct-to-consumer (D2C) industries, has today announced that the company has helped Thai social media influencer, Nisamanee Nutt, to launch Land of N, an essential lifestyle brand that personifies Nutt’s passion for design and flair for drawing.

Leveraging on AnyMind Group’s D2C offerings including AnyFactory, along with ideation and planning, creation of e-commerce capabilities and more, Nisamanee Nutt has created and produced her own unique brand, available immediately.

Land of N will feature essential products and daily-use items that have been designed by Nutt, and material quality has also been searched and selected based on Nutt’s preferences. Items have been priced fairly, ensuring that people can own a piece of Land of N.

“It is created from what I really want to do from my heart. This brand, Land of N, comes from the Land of Nisamanee which means Nutt’s kingdom,” said Nisamanee Nutt.

Land of N has launched two items today, including a beautiful knitted cardigan and stylish handbag for the modern woman.

Eyes on you cardigan
A beautiful knitted cardigan that combines style and substance to provide the modern woman with chic outerwear. Designed for versatility, Eyes on you cardigan can be paired with your favourite clothing, and worn in the office or used when strolling outside. The cardigan is adorned with the signature Land of N eyepatch.

Eyes on you handbag
A classy handbag designed for the contemporary female, the Eyes on you handbag combines modernity and elegance. The design is lined with a protective stud base, tall handles, multiple pockets for functionality, and can be hand-carried or slung cross-body. Similarly, Eyes on you handbag features the signature Land of N eyepatch.

The items are available through the Land of N website,

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