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[Thai] Webinar: Empowering the Effectiveness of Video Ads

Dive into the digital media landscape, video advertising, success cases and best practices

Video advertising is becoming one of the most important parts of the modern marketer’s arsenal, with improved infrastructure, greater user familiarity and proven audience impact driving the growth of video ads. In this vein, marketers need to find ways to maximize the effectiveness of video advertising to reach the right audience by using the right tools for success.

This webinar aims to dive into how the digital media landscape is shaping up, what are the various video advertising options for marketers today, and look at several success cases and best practices of video advertising.

Event agenda

• Current marketing trends in digital media
• How will video advertising help marketers today
• Introducing the AdAsia Premium Marketplace, including product overview
• Case studies
• Q&A

Event details

Event title: Empowering the Effectiveness of Video Ads
Date and time: 19 July 2020, 2:00PM – 3:30PM
Language: Thai


Event has ended, and registration is closed


Poonyarak Cheerawanichkun,
Senior Strategic Initiatives Executive

Poonyarak works on the AdAsia Premium Marketplace and enables businesses to get the most out of their advertising. Poonyarak has experience across the creative and marketing strategy spaces.

Preeyanan Wongprasert,
Senior Executive, Advertiser Engagement

Preeyanan supports advertisers with a range of solutions across AnyMind Group, including AdAsia’s and CastingAsia’s solutions. She works with clients across the health, beauty, financial, education and FMCG industries.

Peartip Tripuvanuntakul

Peartip has over 13 years in the advertising industry, and specializes in strategic planning for digital implementation, big data analysis and marketing solutions.

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