[TW] Finance Executive/ 財務專員/財務助理 L1

Finance, Taipei

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---What You'll Do---
1. 辦理銀行現金存款、提款、匯款、轉帳作業及對帳。
2. 處理廠商請款等應付款項帳務
3. 審核有關各項費用支付之發票、單據及帳務處理。
4. 協助存貨控管及對帳
5. 營業稅、所得代扣繳申報作業
6. 協助財務報表製作及分析

1. Handle bank affairs and reconcile bank statements
2. Prepare payment for vendors
3. Collect and review bills and do record accurately
4. Control inventory and do 3-way match
5. Prepare value-added tax (VAT) and withholding tax (WHT) reporting
6. Be assistant to collect and prepare financial reports and analysis

---Who You Are ---
1. 會計或財金相關科系畢業
2. 對IFRS及商業會計處理熟悉
3. 熟悉Microsoft Office操作
4. 細心謹慎、工作態度積極、願意學習
5. 英文能力中等(能進行基本對話)

1. Bachelor's degree in related major is required (Accounting/Finance)
2. Familiarity with IFRS and accounting regulations
3. Good skills with Microsoft Office
4. Attention to details and self-motivated quick learner
5. Intermediate English proficiency (basic conversations)