Our Purpose

Make It Exciting
For Everyone
To Do Business.

Business is exciting.

We live for the moments when people's passions, dreams, and ideas come true.

That's why we provide technology to make every business borderless.
Empowering everyone with greater possibilities and freedom to create new products and services.

Let's move forward, together.
Any passion, any dream, any idea can create new value in this world.

Our Mission

Make Every Business Borderless

Technology has enabled an age where anyone can do business with the rest of the world.

However, borders still remain. Borders between siloed information and data across a business, borders between physical boundaries, borders between businesses and their customers, and more.

We're looking to make every business borderless by providing an integrated platform that solves challenges for people and companies with passion and ideas. Our technology creates a world where everyone can do business more easily and globally.

Our Values

  • 01.Be Open
    Embrace diversity, and express your thoughts openly while respecting other people's opinions.
  • 02.Be Bold
    Don't set limitations for yourself, keep on challenging for more.
  • 03.Move Faster
    Be faster than anyone else, and put your ideas into action quickly.
  • 04.Stay Updated
    Update yourself with information to achieve better outcomes.
  • 05.Achieve Together
    In all situations, always identify and run towards a common goal.

Company Deck

CEO's Message

Since I was a boy, I dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. I was excited by the prospect of running my own business and creating an impact on the world.

In 2016, my passion and dream came true with the founding of AnyMind Group together with Otohiko Kozutsumi. Over the years, the company has gone full speed into new markets, new products, and new industries. We have also propelled the growth of the most exciting and forward-thinking enterprises and creators in Asia and beyond by constantly delivering new value to them.

As a company, our purpose is to make it exciting for everyone to do business. From our technology and solutions to our people, we’re all focused on opening up new possibilities for our customers, and that is why we’ve constantly evolved and expanded our offerings over the years.

Today, we are an end-to-end commerce enablement company that is transforming commerce to become more exciting, effective, and efficient through our technology. We’re putting the ability to do great business into the hands of creators and enterprises across Asia and the world, and empowering them to experience the excitement in easily bringing ideas to life.

I believe that any passion, any dream, and any idea can create new value in this world, and the thing is, we’re only getting started.


Kosuke Sogo

CEO and co-founder

Otohiko Kozutsumi

CCO and co-founder

Keizo Okawa


Siwat Vilassakdanont

Managing Director, Thailand and the Philippines

Tatum Ona Kembara

Managing Director, E-Commerce Enablement

Hitoshi Maruyama

Managing Director, Publisher Growth

Ben Chien

Managing Director, Greater China

Ryuji Takemoto

Managing Director, Product Development

Koki Shibata

Managing Director, Engineering

Punsak Limvatanayingyong

Managing Director, Creator Growth

Rubeena Singh

Country Manager, India and MENA

Aditya Aima

Managing Director, Growth Markets

Siddharth Kelkar

Managing Director, Performance Business

Takehiko Mizutani

Managing Director, Human Resources

Ted Kim

Country Manager, Korea

Lidyawati Aurelia

Country Manager, Indonesia

Nguyen Thi Ha My

Country Manager, Vietnam

Wing Lee

General Manager, Taiwan

Lee Chin Chuan

Country Manager, Malaysia

Toh Yi Hui

Country Manager, Singapore

Mayi Baviera

Country Manager, Philippines

Rohit Sharma

Senior Advisor

Shohei Murata

Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)

Shogo Ikeuchi

External Director

Nao Kitazawa

External Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)

Tomoyuki Oka

External Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)

Our Advisors

Keisuke Honda


Yutaka Matsuo


Toshihiko Yamasaki


Company Profile

Company Name

AnyMind Group Inc.

Head Office

31/F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +813-6384-5540


Kosuke Sogo


April 2016

Business Portfolio

<Brand Commerce>
Development and provision of a platform that provides one-stop support for brand design and planning, production, e-commerce enablement, marketing, and logistics.

<Partner Growth>
Platforms for website and mobile application publishers and content creators to monetize and grow their brands.