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AnyMind Group’s Maiden Marketing India Pvt Ltd (POKKT) attains Google Certified Publishing Partner status for India

AnyMind Group becomes one of the few APAC-based companies to provide support for online publishers across Asian markets

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced that Maiden Marketing India Pvt Ltd, which operates the mobile advertising platform, POKKT, has become a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP). AnyMind Group is now able to provide online publishers in all regions in Asia-Pacific (APAC) with its publisher growth platform, AnyManager, alongside Google’s range of services and products.

Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director, Publisher Growth, AnyMind Group, said: “Having attained GCPP status across all our markets in APAC provides a badge of assurance to our publisher partners that our in-market consultants have the required Asia-based, local and regional expertise to support them in their growth journey. We’re keen on working together at much deeper levels with our publishers not just with the vast resources of Google, but also with our proprietary technology.”

AnyMind Group currently supports 1,741 active web and app publishers, and serves over 20 billion monthly impressions through AnyManager, alongside consulting and operational support. Having GCPP certification also means AnyMind Group works with top-tier web and app publishers and has the tools and resources to provide more growth opportunities for these publisher partners.

AnyManager is a platform that enables web and app publishers with a range of features, including single-tag and SDK implementation and delivery of optimized advertising demand, deep analytics across web, app and social media metrics, video delivery and monetization, user engagement functionality such as HTML5 games, push notifications and more, along with built-in integrations with 3rd-party tools such as Google Analytics, 3rd-party ad verification, audience identification solutions and more.

Advertisers can access AnyMind Group’s local networks of web and app publishers across APAC and beyond through AnyDigital Premium Marketplace, programmatically and direct, for display, video and rich media inventory.

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