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AnyMind Group enables Japanese influencer Tanakaga to launch apparel brand GAB GAB

Tanakaga is part of Paparapys, a YouTube duo. GAB GAB’s initial launch features more than 15 apparel items

AnyMind Group, a company that develops and provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, together with Japanese influencer, Tanakaga, who is part of YouTube duo, Paparapys, have launched apparel brand GAB GAB. There are over 15 items available on the GAB GAB online store, which will go on sale today, 28 January 2021, at 19:00 Japan Standard Time.

GAB GAB Official Online Store :
GAB GAB Official Instagram :

Tanakaga planned and designed GAB GAB apparel items, from the selection and designing of materials, colors and packaging, to modelling the products. The apparel line was inspired by her desire to help women to pursue their own style and make fashion enjoyable. AnyMind Group provided Tanakaga with the tools and resources through its AnyMind D2C for Influencers program, for the planning and designing of brand and apparel items, apparel manufacturing through the AnyFactory platform, and e-commerce creation through AnyShop.

In addition to the apparel items, GAB GAB will in the future launch a series of cosmetic items and other products that reflect Tanakaga’s interests and passions.

■「GAB GAB」Summarized offerings ・A wide variety of colors for customers to find their favourite item ・Sizing and length customizations so that people of all shapes and sizes can look good ・A lineup of apparel that is both cute and cool

■GAB GAB|Product lineup *selected items

<Back Ribbon Knit top>


¥5,720 (inclusive of tax)・free-size・Color (Beige or Black) The length of the top is designed to match high-waisted shorts, skirts and pants, and the top features a ribbon on the back. (The above image features the Back Ribbon Knit top in beige color)

<Ruffled Knit top>


¥7,040 (inclusive of tax)・Size(Small, Medium)・color(Purple or Black) This knitted top features bold shoulder ruffles. Featuring a sophisticated design and style, the Ruffled Knit top gives the wearer a unique style. (The above image features the Ruffled Knit top in purple color)

<Original Cable Knit top>

¥8,800 (inclusive of tax)・Size(free-sizing)・Colors(Light green, gray or purple) The Original Cable Knit top features a GAB GAB logo on the sleeve. The turtleneck can be worn either folder over or as is. Multiple colors are available. (The above image features the Original Cable Knit top in light green)

■Tanakaga profile tanakaga_profile Tanakaga is part of YouTube duo Paparapys. Her unpretentious character has helped her gain popularity in Japan, especially amongst female audiences.

YouTube :
Twitter :
Instagram :

■Quote from Tanakaga I want everyone to be able to wear what they think is cute and be openly fashionable without worrying about their body shape or whether it looks good on them or not. I decided to create this brand because I want everyone to be able to wear what they think is cute and have a lot of fun doing it, without worrying about being too flashy or self-conscious.

■About Paparapys パパラピーズ宣材 Paparapys consist of two YouTubers: Jinjin and Tanakaga. Making their debut on YouTube in 2018, they are fast gaining popularity in Japan.

Twitter :

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