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AnyMind Group equips Japanese model Sayoko Ozaki with the platform to launch family apparel brand, Leotica

Nine items are available on the official online store

AnyMind Group, a business enablement platform that develops and provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, has today announced that through the AnyMind D2C for Influencers program, the company has enabled popular Japanese model, Sayoko Ozaki, to launch her family apparel brand, Leotica. Ozaki, the mother of two children, has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. The products are available on Leotica’s official online store ( from 7 March 2021 (Sunday), at 12pm JST.)

Leotica official online store :
Leotica official Instagram :

Ozaki was involved in the product lineup, materials and imagery for all products in the Leotica brand, and the items draw inspiration from her desire for all families to get the chance to spend time together in their own way. For the men’s and kid’s apparel line, her husband, fashion designer, Nori Terui, also participated in the direction. The brand launch was made possible through various AnyMind Group tools and solutions, including AnyFactory and AnyShop, providing Ozaki with the platforms and resources for planning, designing and producing products, along with the development of the Leotica official online store.

■ Key points about Leotica
・A lineup of items that are paired based on shape, color/pattern, buttons and more, so that wearers can cherish the connection and importance of their partner and family
・Detailed designs for each item so that the wearer can express their individuality whilst being “linked”
・Long-lasting and practical apparel features such as adjustable ties and snap buttons that are designed from the perspective of a mother

■Leotica|Product Lineup ※Selected items
<Toddler: Embroidered romper>


¥3,980 (including tax)・Size(free)・Color(beige・leopard)

High collar and embroidery add to the simplicity of this unisex item.
The chic design appeals to the cuteness of children in a way that even adults would wear it
(The above image is beige)

<Child: Reversible jacket and pants>


Jacket: ¥5,280 (including tax)・size(90・110・130)・color(beige & leopard)
Pants: ¥4,620 (including tax)・size (90・110・130)・color (beige & leopard)

This luxurious reversible jacket is printed with chic beige and Leotica’s original leopard design. Your child can sport a chic look or rock ‘n’ roll style. The items are reversible, so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.
(The image above is leopard)

<Ladies: Gown Dress>


¥12,800 (including tax)・size(free)・color(beige・leopard)

A full-body clothing item that can be worn as a gown by fastening it in the front with belt strings, or as a spring coat by tying the strings to the back.
(the above image is leopard)

<Men’s: Buttoned shirt>


¥12,100 (tax included)・size(free)・Color(beige・leopard)

This men’s buttoned shirt includes Leotica’s original leopard pattern.
Sporting chic colors, the leopard pattern is designed to create calmness.
(The above image is leopard)

■About Sayoko Ozaki
SayokoOzaki_Profile 1Born on December 20, 1989, Ozaki was born in Tokyo and during the heyday of GAL, she appeared on countless magazine covers and established herself as a charismatic model. She currently boasts over 300,000 followers on Instagram. In recent years, she has also served as the key model for cosmetic brand M.A.C., and has appeared on the covers of beauty magazines. She has also produced and collaborated on numerous projects, including accessory brand “mone”.

Sayoko Ozaki official Instagram account  :@osayo_osayo
Sayoko Ozaki official TikTok account    :osayo_osayo
Accesory brand created by Sayoko Ozaki:@mone_official_account
Sayoko Ozaki’s official Ameba blog :–ranking-new–blog–1

■Quote from Sayoko Ozaki
Ever since I started raising my own children, I’ve come to realize that the time I spend with them my family is precious and invaluable.

Leotica was born out of a dream to make that precious time richer and more fulfilling in our own way.

The most important part of Leotica’s clothes is that they can be easily linked to each other by family members and partners. We are also proud of the fact that all of our clothes are extremely cute (and cool) on their own, and it looks like we have a team of professionals in the field of women’s wear, men’s wear and kids/toddler wear.

For kids and baby clothes, I think that functionality is especially important. We want parents who are currently raising children to wear our clothes, and we always try to make items that are actually convenient.

IN the future, we would like to develop parenting goods that have never existed before, but that we wish we had!

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