Business Development Executive / Manager, D2C Business

D2C, Taipei

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---What You Will Do---
1. 開發潛在客戶、對客戶提案與溝通
2. 推廣電子商城代營運服務
3. 輔導客戶進行數位轉型
4. 達成銷售業績目標

1. Find potential customers, to propose and communicate with customers
2. Promote e-commerce’s agency operation services
3. Help customers to begin their digital transformation
4. Achieve sales’ performance goals

1. 於數位產業擔任業務工作2~3年以上,以成效型廣告或電商招商業務為佳
2. 有電商營運、商城管理、ROAS基礎概念
3. 能適應快速變化、高速成長的新創公司文化
4. 英文能力中等(能進行基本對話)

1. Experienced in the digital industry for more than 2~3 years, digital advertising or e-commerce business are preferred.
2. Experienced in e-commerce operation/mall management with basic concepts of ROAS.
3. Adapt to start-up’s culture for rapidly changing and growing
4. Intermediate English proficiency (basic conversations)