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#TeamAnyMind: Takashi Okazaki (Senior Manager, Account Strategy)

#TeamAnyMind drops at Taiwan office to talk with Takashi Okazaki. Find out why he loves football so much, here:

Hi everyone! I am Takashi Okazaki from Taiwan office. I was born in Kagawa prefecture which is the smallest prefecture in Japan. It might be the smallest, but I’m always honored that Sogo-san, Keizo-san and Take-san (wow a lot!) are all from same hometown as me 😋. Maybe, we might have even passed each other somewhere in Kagawa when we were young 😁.

As a young kid, my childhood dream was to be a football player. I have two older brothers and both of them were also playing football, that drove me to want to be like them. My favorite football players are Kazu (in fact, he is still a professional player at 51 …I can’t imagine if I’m gonna play football 20 years later), Diego Maradona who is known for dribbling past 5 players in 1986 FIFA world cup (of course, he is a legend!) and Ronaldinho a Brazilian footballer. For me, those three amazing football players are inspiring on the pitch.

I Think I Am the Luckiest

I studied advertising at Meiji University and joined an e-commerce company for 4 years, then moved to Singapore to work with an advertising agency. After this series of experience, I decided to join AnyMind Group.

At first, I joined AdAsia Holdings as the second employee in the office. I could see myself as the luckiest since I am able to witness the growth of this company since the very beginning, which is also a great experience for me. I worked in Thailand until the end of 2017 and was transferred to Taiwan after that. This was a very fascinating phase of my life when I got to experience working in different cultures and countries. For me, it is a good chance to explore more on what I can do and to excel the skills that I have.

It’s Not Easy, But I Love It

As a Senior Manager of Account Strategy, I care so much on how my team grows and how to set a comfortable working environment for the team. I have to always consider the progress of business and also the team’s condition. Thankfully, I work with a very awesome Account Strategy team across the region.

Since the first time I joined this company, my department stays the same while my role is a bit different after I moved to Taiwan office. When I was in Thailand, I believe my mission was to educate and grow together with local ad operation members and lead company stable growth. But, when I moved to Taipei, I expanded my skills to other things that I could do my best for the growth of the company, especially Taiwan office.

This company has many folks who has same mind-set, vision, so they’re also indispensable for me to motivate each others. There have been many great things since I joined AnyMind Group. Sometimes, working outside of home country is not easy, but that’s the thing that I want when I decided to go to Singapore 4 years ago. I love it! 😍

Things That I Enjoy

Aside from work, I enjoy watching and playing football. Wherever I live, I join football team in each country and enjoy football with teammates during weekends.

Also sometimes, I’m exchanging language with Taiwanese friends who want to learn Japanese. I am always surprised that many of them could master Japanese very fast, though Japanese is known as one of the complicated language in the world!

I feel like there’s a lot more room for both myself and the company to grow. I want to see more growth with AnyMind Group and enjoy the working life here. And, hopefully you guys will hear good news from me and my girlfriend very soon! Let me feature next time for my wedding party! 😉

Well, thank you for reading! Have a nice day, everyone! 😘

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