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#TeamAnyMind: Aiki Adachi (Manager, Advertiser Engagement)

#TeamAnyMind drops at Hong Kong office to talk with Aiki Adachi. Find out why this bookworm wants to be a great dad:

Hi everyone! I’m Aiki Adachi from Hong Kong office. Aiki means ‘love tree’ in Japanese, so I hope to always be showered with love from everyone, and also to be the source of love for others, so call me Aiki and I will shower you guys with love 😍

Life is full of surprises, no one knows what the future holds. As a young kid, in elementary school, my dream was to be a nice teacher and also a good dad to my family in the future. But with the job that I have now, I think I should redefine my dream: to be a great dad who has many great friends, and I also want to try resolving education problems for children all over the world through my profession.

Put simply, I want to be a part of people’s lives – to be able to have a positive influence on others. It means that I want to inspire people and the next generation, that life is about how we react to it.

Life Is Indeed Full of Surprises

I was born in Kyoto and raised in Yokohama and Nagoya, before finally returning to Kyoto for university.

In university, I took an electrical and electronic science engineering degree, something unrelated to my current job. When I was 19, I had an internship at a global manufacturing company for a year. At that time, I researched on new products with some Masters students and engineers, and unexpectedly, they also now work for this company. Life is indeed full of surprises, isn’t it?

Growth for Everyone

As a Manager in the Advertiser Engagement team in the Hong Kong office, I care about my team’s growth. I have to always consider the progress of business and also the team’s condition.

Thankfully, I work with a very awesome sales team. Our team vision is to help clients in achieving their business goals by utilizing marketing technology.

I also got to experience two big things whilst working at AnyMind Group. First, I got the chance to work outside Japan, which was something I really wanted to do since my college days. Secondly, I found out that working with people from various backgrounds is very exciting and a great experience for me as well. This allows me to learn more about others’ cultures and dive more into diversity. In other words, it helps me to become a citizen of the world.

The Joys in Life

Aside from work, I enjoy traveling, playing soccer and reading books. Those are the three main things that keep me alive and happy. Traveling always leaves me speechless with new experiences and beauty of the places that I visit. It opens up my horizons to the country that I’m visiting. It turns me into a storyteller with many new experiences to tell. It’s always exciting!

Playing soccer with friends in my free time is another hobby of mine. It keeps me healthy and happy since I am able to train my social networking through this activity.

One more thing, if I do not feel like moving from my room, reading books would be my best option. Yes, I have been falling in love with books since years ago, especially books about business or biographies of famous people. When I read biographies, I will set the characters as my role models. When I am down, I remember the lessons I’ve learned from the books. That is what always motivates me to success in my own goals. 😎

I feel like there’s a lot more room for both myself and the company to grow, especially as part of the great HK team. I want to help drive the growth of not just the Hong Kong office, but the whole AnyMind Group!

Well, thank you for reading! Have a nice day, everyone! 😘

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