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GrabFood Signatures (Món Độc Quán Quen) campaign : success through strategy and execution in influencer marketing

GrabFood's “GrabFood Signatures” (Món "Độc" Quán Quen) campaign in Vietnam had received great results in 2019

Any successful campaign comes from utilizing the right strategy and a good execution plan. GrabFood’s “GrabFood Signatures” (Món “Độc” Quán Quen) campaign in Vietnam had received great results in 2019. Through the use of various Vietnamese influencers, GrabFood successfully introduced their new segment: Signature items in customer’s frequently-visited restaurants, which can only be ordered on GrabFood.

Together with CastingAsia – an influencer marketing platform and business line under AnyMind Group, and Asia’s most-scaled ecosystem for influencer marketing, GrabFood leveraged on various tiers and categories of influencers across social media channels to implement its campaign.

Harnessing the right strategy for a successful marketing campaign

In May 2019, GrabFood launched GrabFood Signatures, in a bid to encourage Vietnamese people to expand their variety of favourite food options. The brand leveraged on a wide selection of influencers and various social media platforms, with the goal of increasing brand awareness and attracting users to experience unique items on GrabFood that cannot be found anywhere else.

More specifically, GrabFood applied CastingAsia’s unique influencer marketing model to their campaign strategy and execution, along the following pillars:

・ Rich influencer selection: To implement influencer marketing into the communication plan, GrabFood used diverse influencer tiers. From celebrities to micro-influencers, food bloggers, streamers and VJs and more. Linh Ngoc Dam, for example, is not only known as a famous female gamer with 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, but she also made her own niche through “unique” food review videos.

・ Creative content: With the diversity of CastingAsia’s network, GrabFood maximized the power of influencer’s creativity in many ways. Influencers are free to join the campaign and promote their own styled campaign on various social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Not only through the use of photos and videos, but also live-streaming or posting stories on Instagram to reach the largest audience possible.

The GrabFood Signatures campaign can be seen on various community websites and forums

・ Collaborating with influential talents:The role of influencers in this campaign was recognized as a powerful communication platform to help brands convey varied messages through influencers. In particular, the influencer is selected in accordance with each different stage of the campaign, creating a presence throughout the journey to experience “unique” food options for customers.

The key to success: Approach from strategy to implementation through a vibrant ecosystem of Asia’s most influential talent – CastingAsia

With the execution strategy planned out, GrabFood can now breakthrough and reach a young audience through effective implementation plans. Reaching an audience of 16- to 25-year-olds in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the campaign was delivered across several prominent stages:

・ Identity: The logical decision was to tap on social networking sites in Vietnam and leverage on influencers to spread messages on these platforms. For example, Linh Ngoc Dam influenced more than 70,000 users to connect and engage with GrabFood by posting on their personal pages.

At the same time, the online community also produced diversified user-generated content in various forms, such as uploading videos, funny images, and cartoons, and combining trendy phrases and slang. Since then, GrabFood has familiarized the younger generation with the message of “Unique Quán Quen” is only available on GrabFood. In addition, GrabFood also designed its own special gift boxes and included invitations to an event they were going to hold, and this was sent to more than 50 influential talents. As a result, the brand piqued curiosity with its target audience and attracted their attention, when these influential talents posted about the gift, combined with the hashtags #mondocquanquen and #DotimdaurangoaiGrabFood before the event.

・ Approach: The main highlight of this campaign is the “Unique Quán Quen” event on 23 May 2019, at SC ViVoCity, marking the launch of the “Unique Quán Quen” program. Event attendees can engage face-to-face with influencers like Linh Ngoc Dam, Jun Pham, Quang Bao,Dino Vu, Thanh Duy and more. The event also gave the audience opportunities to enjoy various delectables. Additionally, with the participation of artist, Thai Hoa, Le Nhan, influencers and food bloggers, GrabFood increased the interaction and buzz of the campaign through images on social media check-ins and live-streamed videos of the event.

・ Conquer: In order to motivate target audiences to discover a variety of cuisines and create a craving for unique dishes, GrabFood entrusted famous food bloggers such as Dino Vu, Nana Liu, and Eating Saigon on YouTube, as well as micro-influencers who regularly review food on Instagram. Their unique social media personalities and brand built through YouTube videos and Instagram photos emphasize the richness, diversity, and novelty of unique Vietnamese dishes that can only be ordered on GrabFood.

Satisfy your hunger cravings with “Unique Quán Quen” dishes

Campaign results

With the combined efforts of GrabFood and CastingAsia, the campaign delivered resonance with impressive results:

・ More than 1 million video views from food bloggers and social networking sites

282,478 interactions through three main channels: community pages and forums, influencers, and food bloggers

676,279 interactions with food review content from food bloggers, and more than 13,000 discussions and comments (>80% positive)


GrabFood, through their “GrabFood Signatures” campaign, has once again established itself as a heavyweight competitor in the fast delivery service market through a leading influencer marketing campaign. Marketers should take note that the key to a successful campaign is not only the idea, but also the process from strategy to implementation.

Behind this success is CastingAsia’s ability to provide an effective platform, and local consultants for strategy and execution.

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